Cena will NEVER turn heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 25, 2014.

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  1. Just read this story. I guess any of us that hoped for a heel turn someday might be left wanting.......



    The article goes on to reminisce about his 'Doctor of Thuganomics' gimmick from back in the day as well.
  2. terrible article. terribly written, terrible premise, ect ect.
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  3. Well I didn't say the writer was any good, just what was in his article :dawg:
  4. Cena most likely will never turn heel. However, and not to get off topic, I blame the WWE for putting so much into Cena as their number 1 face that they have no one else to turn too. Had they invested more time into other talent throughout the past decade, maybe Cena's heel turn would be more probable.
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  5. Also, I'm not saying that it was bad for them to put a lot into Cena as it makes sense to do so....I just don't like the fact that WWE puts all their eggs into one basket.
  6. Someday he will turn. There will be a point where even kids are tired of him, or that turning heel to help create new faces (toward the end of his career) is more beneficial than letting him retire a face.

    Not even competition-free WWE would blow the (maybe literally) one thing they have up their sleeve that could really get people talking about their shit product.
  7. I can see that being a possibility I suppose. I guess I'll just hope and dream that he turns heel while he's still in his prime and able to put on good matches. maybe 10 more years and we'll see this heel turn as I don't see Cena turning any time soon lol.
  8. More info. I find it funny how parts were left out of the first story I read and shared. Just cherry picked the good stuff. Ahhhh journalism.


  9. Cena 'confirming' that he's never gonna turn heel to me just confirms that he will indeed one day turn heel. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't just come right out and admit that it's eventually gonna happen. Even with all the hopes and anticipation of wanting to see him finally turn to the darkside, it makes sense for WWE to still want the eventual turn to be so shocking that they can rightfully say no one saw it coming. All the top faces turn heel eventually. Hogan did it, Austin did it, Rock did it, Bret did it, Michaels did it, Batista did it, etc.

    I actually think we may be gearing closer and closer to it. Not saying it's gonna happen next week or anything, but the criticism of him going heel a few years ago was that he didn't have a lot of interesting babyfaces to feud with. If he had turned heel against The Rock at WM28 or WM29 for example, he would have only had the likes of Sheamus, Miz, ADR and I guess Punk to feud with. Not really the most enthralling crop of wrestlers to cheer against a heel Cena. But today, you have Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Cesaro (well, they failed to capitalize on his momentum after Wrestlemania but they can always try to build him back up), Seth Rollins when he eventually goes back to being a face, Punk if he ever returns (the Punk/Cena rivalry will be fresh again by the time that Punk might return), etc.
  10. I wish he would turn heel. But, since he is such a money maker and face of the WWE, I don't think he'll turn anytime soon (if at all). He already gets heat for being stale and overdone so he might as well get heat for the right reasons and try something new.
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  11. I hope you're right. And, I agree with Dolph that it will happen at some point....I just want it to happen now.
  12. Sorry I forgot the youtube video with the convo from earlier
  13. I guess he may turn heel in the final years of his career. It would be a shocker and most likely fun to watch, but it's still a few years away, I think.
  14. The you read in between the lines, Cena clearly indicates a heel turn would damage his pockets.
    It's an overstatement because a heel turn would be financially successful for a very short time.
    Hogan's NWO t-shirt received more pops on his birthday than the red & yellow. There's other reasons for that, but it didn't hurt Hogan's legacy.
    WWE and Cena are fearful a heel turn will ruin his legacy when its truly just the opposite.

    If Cena turned heel, it could resurrect his image in the minds of smarks and may not hurt his pockets as much as is believed
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  15. Cena is going to pass flair as a heel. If he doesn't, what a waste of a great way to piss off everyone
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  16. Personally, I'd like him to stay face forever.
    I just don't appreciate how much they limit him.
    He has a great personality and we see so little of it for the sake of public perception.
  17. Sucks to know that he'll NEVER turn heel. I loved him as a heel. Babyface Cena just sucks big time and is so limited.

    But I guess the suits wanna keep him face forever, 'cause they want to keep the little kids happy and pissing in their pajamas every time they think about Cena. lol
  18. It's rather humorous that you even said this with any conviction at all.
  19. Just being honest, I guess...
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  20. Fantastic answer. You and I will get along just fine.
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