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  1. I have only been watching wrestling again since around the Rumble, and Cena was involved as far as I can remember with a feud for the title. What does Cena do without a title?

    On the presumption that at some point over the next couple of months he looses the title, who does he feud with, and for what reasons?

    As everyone loves Cena I'm sure you'll all have some good answers :emoji_slight_smile:.
  2. Cena doesn't need a title to be over with a good amount of the viewers. They usually use him to boost other wrestlers when he doesn't have a title... or even, when he does. He is the face of the company so no matter where they stick him, it somehow works.
  3. He will face other great guys. I personally would love a Cena/Miz(as heel) feud
  4. When Cena doesn't have a title he works the main event anyway, leaving the champion in the midcard.
  5. I lol'd at the thread title. Have you ever considered taking up a job as a comedian?
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  6. Well he's bound to lose his title some time or not maybe this Summer Slam itself but as Cena himself says, the deserving won will win it. We all know what he would do if he lost it. Earn it again.
  7. LOL. It was a serious question. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. yup
  9. STOP SMOKING CRACK! :angry: That already happened and it was AWWWWWFFFUUUULLL!
  10. Because Miz was a great champion! :happy:

  11. I'll agree I really enjoyed heel Miz as a champion, and would definately love to see it again. Although the Cena/Miz feud sucked and their Wrestlemania match was forgettable. Plus the entire thing was overshadowed by The Rock.
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  12. Haha, is that a shot at The Rock? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. The tie-breaker shot at WrestleMania XXX lol.
  14. FUCK. THAT.
  15. No one wants to see that match.
  16. No one wanted to see it this year, either.
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  17. What does Cena do without the title?

    He headlines PPVs in non-title matches, leaving the champion in the semi-main event.

    That's why I don't mind Cena having the belt if he's just gonna main event virtually all the cards anyway. Are you honestly ready for another Punk-esque title reign?
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