Cena's beef with Ray J

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. John Cena told to CNN that he wouldn't mind going toe-to-toe with R&B singer Ray J. Apparently Cena is not a fan of his new track called, "I Hit It First", which references the singer’s former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

    “If he’s ridiculous enough to make a song as stupid as that, he certainly is ridiculous enough to make a bad decision to step in the ring with John Cena anytime, anywhere. I would love for him to be a superstar for a day on WWE and I’d hopefully knock some class into him.”

  2. Ray J just needs to learn how to counter 5 moves. Be careful cena
  3. Kim iz liek teh best perzon in teh world. She iz true world model. She no dezerve gettin made fun of. Lol fuk u Ray J. Do u evn lft?
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    Better? :mad2:
  4. Rap diss tracks happen all the time, and every time the public reacts negatively towards both the song and the guy doing it.

    Cena, no need to pour gas, just watch the guy burn. His 15 minutes ran out 45 minutes ago, and without Kim K's ass to ride back into relevance, he's pretty screwed anyway.
  5. Quite a bit of misogyny there, and some stupidity, too. After all, if Ray J is immature, what the fuck are you?
  6. OMG sorry for being so offensive, here's a nice post. Thank you for insulting me. I love you, xoxoxoxoxoxo
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  7. I find it stupid when people talk about celebrities like they personally know them.
  8. Geez, relax. Forgive me for being mildly offended at the incessant use of words like bitch and whore - obviously I must be a bitch myself, right?
  9. Never said that. If a person cooks in a kitchen, does that make them a professional cook? If a civilian performs a arrest does that make him a cop? If I wrestle in a ring, does that make me a pro wrestler? If someone plays baseball, does that make them a baseball player? If someone gives a score 4/10, does that make them Bret Hart? If someone meows, does that make them a cat? If someone grows a fro, does that make them black? If someone covers Jimi Hendrix songs, does that make them God? If someone is born in Germany but has Mexican parents, does that make them German? If I fly on a airplane, does that make me a bird? If I ride a bike, does that make me a pro biker? If I drive a car, does that make me a nascar driver? If I vacuum a room, does that make me a maid? If I shoot the sheriff, did I shoot the deputy? If I cut off my leg, do I stand? If I have a rattle snake, does it flip me off? If no is no, then is it no? If my battery is about to die and I have no charger, does it survive?
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  10. Lol. We're always calling people and each other dicks, gay, fags, don't see why whore and bitch is so out of line. It wasn't even directed at you (aside from the "Rocky bitch" or whatever). Get over it. Fukk.
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  11. Curious how long Cena will last when Ray goes all hood on his ass.
  12. I'll fight 'em both :ryan:
  13. I am over it. It never really bothered me. Sorry for polluting the thread. I didn't mean to offend anyone.
  14. It's all good. I'm not offended and don't think anyone else is either. At least they shouldn't be.

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  15. It's kind of pathetic really, Ray J's just doing this to become relevant again. Ray J will forever be the guy that made a sextape with Kim Kardashian. For that to be the highlight of a musician's career is pretty lame.
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  16. inb4 Ray J puts it in Cena's butt.

    Seriously I think this is stupid. I'd rather see Chyna come back than see Ray J in WWE, I mean she's being banned from WWE for having a sex tape right?
  17. You're actually lecturing the wrong dude. @Farooq is probably the least misogynistic guy on here. He just really hates Kim Kardashian like everyone else in the world, lol.

    And I don't see why female insults should be excluded. If we're trying to push for equality here, I don't think we should complain everytime 'bitch' or 'whore' gets whipped out. The guys have called each other way worse on a daily basis. I'm pretty much always there to witness it, lol.
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  18. Dont you fight my battles Jenn, Im crazy.
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  19. I apologized, didn't I? For the record, I was talking about the post, not the user. And I don't complain every time I hear the words 'bitch' or 'whore.' That's just ridiculous. In any case, it wasn't the words that offended me, it was the viciousness with how they were used.

    But I guess it doesn't matter. The hostility of his response and the users taking his side leads me to believe my post must have been seriously misinterpreted. To be honest, I was half playing. I don't actually care about Kim Kardashian or some random guy on an internet forum. Maybe I should've added a smilely or something, but I really wasn't expecting to be taken so seriously.

    On a side note, you gotta admit; words like 'bitch,' 'fag,' and 'gay,' get thrown around all the time - yet calling someone misogynistic is crossing the line. Seems odd. I suppose if I called him a cocksucking dumbass, everything would've been cool? In any case, here's a smilely so no one know thinks I'm serious:

  20. :lol1: people apparently got butthurt from your butthurt post. Post away and what you believe in getting hate doesnt make you wrong/right. I liked both your posts, and believe me profanity is my crutch like a paraplegic's wheelchair.
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