Cena's movie career taking off?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Read this article this morning. Could we be seeing less of Cena in the ring soon? Will he become the star that The Rock has become in Hollywood? What do you guys think? I haven't really seen any of his movies TBH.


    For the Total Diva watchers (open)
    Here's a description of that scene that caused the argument between Nikki Bela and Cena on the show

    I kind of laughed that they even mention Batista in this article
    . Sure, the movie he was in did excellent but was it a 'break out' role for him? I guess I don't feel that way, but maybe others do. I mean it was a Marvel movie. He was almost guaranteed it would be a hit.
  2. He can just go and become 'Hollywood Cena' and stay gone for all I care. Less Cena or no Cena at all sits well with me.
  3. Don't forget @Trip in the Head, he's not done being Drax just yet.. GotG 2 & possibly even a role in Avengers 3. It could potentially mean a breakout role for Batista.
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  4. I think it's pretty fair to say Guardians was a breakout role for Batista. He's now signed to star in the two Guardians sequels, a possible role in an upcoming Avengers film, the Kickboxer remake, a possible role as a villain in the next James Bond movie, and he just got cast in an action film alongside Robert DeNiro.

    As for Cena, I'll believe it when I see it. These roles don't sound like 'breakout' material, and besides, even if Cena stars in a rather successful movie, it's a huge knee-jerk reaction to think Cena will just immediately pack up his bags and leave for Hollywood the second he smells success, especially after the type of criticisms he leveled towards The Rock. He'll probably find a Hogan-level of success in films and keep it as a second job for the day when his wrestling career starts dwindling down, in which case he may make a full transition into movies.
  5. Completely offtopic but does anyone think David Otunga could actually play a mean Black Panther?
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  6. Those ones I highlighted are only because the movie did so well and they want the same actor to play the part IMO. Same reason they want RDJ to keep playing Iron Man and Evans to play Cap. I didn't find his performance in GotG THAT great. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't groundbreaking. But it will be cool to see him in those other roles.
  7. A breakout role just means the role that gets you attention and gets your career off the ground and running. It doesn't necessarily have to be the acting performance of a lifetime or anything. Of course Batista was mostly just another cog in the wheel as far as the GOTG universe is concerned, but still.
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  8. My point exactly. Any muscle bound guy could've played that role really. Then they would have all these guaranteed spots in Marvel movies regardless. Lucky break on that one. But it gives him a chance to prove himself in other roles.
  9. If it means he's not burying young talents and fighting Randy Orton for the 12143124132th time...

    but in all seriousness, he'll probably make the movies stale with the lolcenawinz :urm:
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  10. Haha, can't argue with that.
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  11. Hopefully, he can fuck off from wwe then.
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  12. no i want cena to stay in wwe :angry:
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    Why? I mean, he's burying talent. If he was putting them over like Orton and Jericho do, then I'd kinda be okay if he stayed. I'd also be fine with him staying if he turned heel.

    But this way, he's just boring... And he's been on top of the WWE for the last 10 years. What more do you/he want(s)? He's been shoved down our throats for so long and haven't changed a bit, character-wise (apart from changing the color on his shirts each week), that's why we dislike the guy.

    It's time for the others to shine. Like Dave Batista would say 'DEAL.WITH.IT.'
  14. and he can't wrestle / put on entertaining matches. Can't forget that.
  15. The Rock Vs John Cena at a movie reward place.

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  17. That I would see
  18. So his matches with Punk weren't entertaining ? Inb4PunkCarriedHim his matches with Brock have been pretty entertaining too, Summerslam wasnt great still but told a decent story.

    Who has he buried recently ? Didn't Bryan's entire arc with the authority start with pinning Cena clean? A top face never jobs very often,Austin,Hogan etc.
  19. inb4SomeoneSaysWyatt
  20. Yeah after Summerslam you could make a case for that I suppose but it wasn't a huge burial was it? Wasn't it a case of the E just seemed to give up on him?
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