Cena's promo: dog shit or horse shit?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Toss up, but I'm going with horse shit. It completely turned me off to the entire Wyatt/Cena feud just like that. It was completely making light of the entire Wyatt Family gimmick. Cena is faced with this awesome, evil cult and he sings Jimmy fucking Buffet? I'm sorry, I can't. Just terrible. Cena should have known better. This is why Cena ruins stables every goddamn time, and I thought for some reason he wouldn't this time. I was wrong, fuck Cena and fuck that promo.
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  2. I didn't watch the segment, I saw the recap, but when he said the homeless man bit, I cringed.
  3. how long before fuck boy Cena is leading the crowd on "Husky Harris" chants?
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  4. It was horse shit for the same reason why so many of Cena's promos are - his insults are terrible and don't feel the least bit insulting.
  5. Heres hoping the future comes to fruition at WM and Wyatt goes over. Doubt it but it'd be cool.
  6. He pretty much has to go over or Cena has successfully buried another stable.

    Cena is just a dumbass, who thinks it is cool to sign Jimmy Buffet during a Wyatt promo? Wyatt cut a good promo and Cena just stands there with a blank expression and then goes into a comedy routine? Ugh. why? It would be like if when Taker was debuting in 92 Hulk was like WTF??? Nice Mullet bro! Purple tie? What are you pretending to be DEAD or something?? lol!
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  7. What about Wyatt's promo? Becoming less 'crowd-friendly' by the week. After a few sentences, everyone's turned off. It worked when he was new and mysterious but now he needs to adapt them. Less riddles, more sharper, short lines. Come on, wrestling fans aren't the brightest.
  8. speak for yourself lol
  9. I'm talking generally. Crowds just seem to lose attention and there's no reaction to anything he says.
  10. Bray cutting a promo is one time I actually want the crowd to stfu though.
  11. Well, I feel that you're right for the most part. Bray says a lot of shit; insomuch, that it could simply confuse the general fan. However, i don't think it's really a bad thing...it makes him mysterious, different, and creepy...i think his reactions while he wrestles and during his entrance says enough about what the fans think about him. They'll catch on. i hope.
  12. Yeah the live promos have been crapping on Wyatt promos way too often lately, you're right. Still upset at those assholes chanting CM Punk during one. Still feel like Wyatt spouting nonsense is better hype for a match than hardly anything else

    Anyway, it's been a fun run as a Cena fan for the past few months. Watched that promo and holy crap was it pure shite. So I'll stand up proud and say fuck you, Cena. Fuck your stupid jokes and your hideous neon shirts and your never being afraid of being stalked by a deranged cult. And Margaritaville isn't even cool in the south anymore, especially when you're singing it. Fuck off.
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  13. I would have marked if Hogan big booted and leg dropped Cena for that Margaritaville BS
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  14. You and me both, brother. Little douchey motherfucker had it coming!
  15. Beyond how terrible Cena was, do you think that it was just a bad, cringe-worthy promo or can it actually be damaging to the feud or even to Wyatt himself? I have to say it definitely damaged how much I like the feud seeing Cena revert back to 2010 Cena. Next he will call him Gay Wyatt and make a poop joke.
  16. Damaging to the feud? Absolutely! This feud's been great so far, with Cena bringing on this brand new role that was perfect for the times, with him being the veteran wanting to be the guys the young guys test themselves against. It was serious, it was simple, it was passionate, it connected with the audience... what's not to love? This bullshit, that's what. Fuck Cena and fuck whoever else thought this was a good idea.

    Damaging to Wyatt? Not really. If Bray goes over in this feud (as he should) then it'll all be forgotten for sure. But the two probable outcomes (Wyatt win via interference or Cena wins a really competitive match) may actually lose a little impact due to this, yeah.
  17. Gotta say he really sucked the gravitas right out of the moment which had been built so properly especially after the look me square in the eyes see a God line
    but this has been a trend for awhile since those asshole commentators started talking through the Wyatts intro
  18. "Look up at me and you'll see a friend. Look down on me and you'll see an enemy. Look me straight in the eyes and you'll see a god." Epic line.
  19. it was until Cena got ahold of it smh
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  20. That's usually how great things go in the WWE.