Cena's still hurting

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  1. Yeah, that's no surprise. He clearly came back too early, didn't he get stretchered out the other day at a house show? And from what I heard, the audience booed his entrance. It's not right for a guy like Cena to put his body on the line for fans who hate him. Feel bad for the dude.

    And the TV show aspect is almost as bad. Cena's really upped his game and put on some fantastic matches ever since he came back. Despite our common complaints about him he's been fun to watch. For a rejuvenated Cena to drop the strap to ADR so he can heal from another injury that Del Rio boasts about? That would be awful! Holy crap!
  2. If Cena did infact drop the title to ADR, would certainly come as a surprise at the time, considering Cena will retain at Survivor Series
  3. Oh, no, he didn't drop the belt. :phew: Just saying that if he has to drop the belt to ADR at SS to heal it would be hideous. That's the only possibly way ADR wins though :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. ADR winning the belt back would be awful (and wouldn't make much sense, why not make him retain the first time around?). And, well, Cena's going to be hurt most of the time anyway, he's ammounted quite a few injuries and is already 35 or 36, something like that.
  5. The Hoff foresees an injury in Johnny Boy's near future. Most likely soon after Survivor Series. Hoff has a feeling his upcoming match against ADR is really going to take a toll on his body. :angry:
  6. Well, if he's really still hurting I think they'd work easier with him. I doubt it, but it would be prudent. So it does seem possible he'd hurt himself.
  7. It does seem possible he'd hurt himself? Hoff's pretttty sure Johnny Boy's pushing himself to have the best damn match he possibly can for us, the CeNation, each and every time he steps into that ring. I think toning it down a tad bit would be wise. Ya hear that Cena? Take The Hoff's advice, brother.:hogan:
  8. From his point of view he should definitely turn it down. His improvement in the ring isn't helping his career any, may as well just stay healthy. Listen to the Hoff (easy like)
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  9. Listen to the Hoff = Best4Business :pity2::pity2:
  10. Oh fuck this. Don't you dare play the fucking victim card for his ass. The fans don't hate the man, they hate the character as they should because stale doesn't even begin to explain the same smiley bullshit STF cocksucking GARBAGE from his ass for 8 years now. Fuck that. WWE and Cena both know its true and they don't give a fuck because 10% of their audience (kids) love his stale shit.

    So yea, boo hoo poor Cena for getting boo'd. Man up and demand a character change, jack.
  11. There is no victim card, it was his decision to come back. Feel bad for him feeling like he had to rush back when anyone with a brain knew he would just get injured again for fans who many haven't wanted to see in years.

    No, I'm not demanding a character change, what we want to see doesn't matter in the eyes of Vince. That character change isn't coming, why bother worrying about it?
  12. There won't be a character change for some time to come, Hoffaholics. If it were to happen, it would have by now. You all know The Hoff's right
  13. I think Del Rio should do what Owen did to Austin.
  14. To Cena? No. HOW DARE YOU wish that upon somebody. You downright disgust The Hoff. Sure ya don't like Johnny Boy's character, or the way he's pushed, whatever. But to wish that upon another human being, that's done nothing wrong to you personally, mannnnn, The Hoff don't respect you brother.
  15. I don't give two fucks. His neck isn't my responsibility, but to see it broken would be a godsend.
  16. :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: The Hoff gives 11 fucks.
  17. im not too sad hes hurt...lol
  18. That's completely pathetic of you to say. Pretty sure you would give two fucks if someone broke your neck.
  19. He'd probably cry about it or something. Come here lookin for sympathy. The Hoff has spoken