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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Koko B., Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Not sure if Spoiler is needed, but what do you think of Cena's new team.

    Part of me was hopeful that Cena would have got some NXT guys, classic underdog story, and led Nexus 2.0

    How do you think new team compares -vs- old team?
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  2. It's perfectly fine, imo. They're still gonna lose, so it's all good. :happy:
  3. I like every member on Cena's team except for Big Show, never been huge on him.
  4. Ziggler once pushed Cena off a ladder and stole his girlfriend, Ryback Meathooked him many times as part of the Nexus, Rowan tried to brainwash him as part of an evil cult, and lord knows he has some history with Big Show (right, Johnny Ace?)

    Come watch a 9 on 1 beatdown, only on Survivor Series for FREE
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  5. More seriously though, I can't help but love the continuity of this time last year when the Authority was making an example out of Ziggler every week and putting him in 3 on 1 handicap matches while making Big Show cry since he had to support his family.

    Also, Erick Rowan is there.
  6. Please don't remind me of Big Show crying each week. That was just... Cringe-worthy. I mean, it was as bad as the feud/acting of The Bella Twins.

    Yup, you're right. It's nice having Rowan back. Hopefully after SS they'll stop booking him as Kane 2.0, chasing after the divas and crap like that.
  7. Too late! :happy:
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  8. Haha, touche bro.
  9. I honestly wish Cesaro joined and not Ryback, that would've been great, Rowan I did not see coming.
  10. Yeah, they fucking had me when Cesaro's music hit, and then he was like 'Gotcha!' and I was like :damn:

    Speaking of Cesaro, I really hope they stop burying him, man.
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  11. Erick Rowan was as interesting addition
  12. I was certainly not expecting Rowan and I find myself a little bewildered by him joining Team Cena. Where did the feud between him and Harper generate? Is there actually one or is he a part of the plan (or plans) to screw Team Cena?

    I never expected Cena to get anyone from NXT to join his team. That wouldn't have made any sense to me at all, what with the younger talent wanting to make it to the big roster. Kayfabe wise it would be counter productive for any of them to put their budding careers on the line by joining a team that has the deck stacked against them by the bosses. As much as it might have been great to see a few of them make a great showing, I doubt the powers that be would like their developmental talent to potentially outshine their main roster guys.
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  13. Cesaro over Rowan would've been pretty cool.. I wish Sheamus would've been able to go that would've made it decent.
  14. Not to mention that by virtue of their existence in NXT as opposed to the main roster, they're technically "unproven" talent. Not really the kind of guys you'd absolutely want backing you up if you wanted to take on The Authority with so much riding on the line. Plus, the general WWE audience wouldn't really be familiar at all with any of these guys yet. Although you'd think a free PPV would be the ideal place to experiment with that kind of thing, still not a bright idea imo.
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  15. Nobody expected Rowan to be on Team Cena. It was a pleasant surprise. Because it seems like he was gonna be booked as Kane 2.0, chasing after all the divas... Ridiculous.
    Sheamus getting injured is the best thing that could've happened to him. lol

    The feud 'tween him and Harper has generated out of the blue, man.
    If they wanna explain it somehow and work on it down the road, they could work around that first vignette about Rowan, when he was 'set free' by Bray. He said 'Don't apologize. I will hurt you, just like you hurt me.' in that vignette. They could work around that, digging up the past and stuff along those lines.

    We'll see how things roll from now on and how they end the ME at Survivor Series. I'm perfectly fine with Rowan or anyone else screwing Team Cena out of the victory.
  16. The Rowan thing is a little jarring to me as we have no background to it, but we'll see how they handle it. Could all be a set up too. Most people already think team cena is going to lose so.....
  17. +1 for the 'Rowan being added made no sense'. They also had me with Cesaro going out- would have preferred it, but then that probably wouldn't have made much more sense either.
  18. Even though it was random as hell, I still enjoyed the Rowan inclusion due to the fact that it took me by surprise and it should be interesting seeing he and Harper on opposite sides of the ring come Sunday.

    Having said that, now that Rowan is officially apart of Cena's team, having him be the one to turn on Team Cena and cost them the victory would make no sense to me since it would just make Cena and the others look like complete dumb-asses for ever even trusting someone like him as their partner in the first place.
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  19. Which is kind of what I feel like is going to happen here.......

    And if it does - :ohgod::okay:

    I mean I can see the business model. Give Survivor series away for free. Have the heels get a huge victory. Leads to matches at WM where the faces tend to win more often which they probably think translates to more subscribers - cause WM sure ain't gonna be free.
  20. Team Cena has no chance of losing. Nobody has any chance of turning. Just stop.

    Wonder if the Rowan swerve was out of necessity? Sheamus was legit injured out out of the show and I'm not sure if there's even another babyface on the roster you can put here that isn't all tied up.

    A Sheamus turn here to save the Authority would be really cool... Actually, you know what? Fantasy booking. Instead of the stupid stipulation they announced, how about "If Team Authority win, John Cena loses his title shot at Royal Rumble". Match happens, Sheamus turns heel to save the Authority's collective asses, and they reward Sheamus with Cena's title shot. Feel like that wouldn't be a bad way to go.
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