Cena's top three feuds.

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  1. I thought we'd list John Cena's top three feuds in the doubleya doulbya Eee.
    Everyone will post their top three Cena feuds.

    3 - Cena vs JBL: This was the feud that solidified Cena in the main event and got him his first WWE championship.

    2 - Cena vs HBK: This was the feud that showed that Cena actually can go in the ring vs some of the all time greats.

    1 - Cena vs Edge: WWE likes to compare the Cena vs Orton feud to the Rock vs Stone Cold rivalry. In my mind the Edge vs Cena rivalry is much closer to the Rock and Austin. This feud brought out the best in both of the competitors and Cena helped solidify Edge in the main event with it.

    Your turn people. Post :tough:
  2. Cena vs HBK lol :dawg: All it proved was that HBK was far superior to John Cena by carrying him most of the match.

    Cena vs. Batista was pretty beast. It was closer to Rock/Austin than Edge/Cena cuz like he said. Him and cena are 2 of the the biggest stars since the attitude era.
  3. It's difficult. I think Cena/Orton needs to be there somewhere though.
  4. Cena/Ace :dawg:
  5. Cena/JBL, Cena/Orton, Cena/Edge, in no particular order.
  6. Cena/Brock back in 03. was fun watching Cena get his ass whooped
  7. I think these are the three I'd probably pick.