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  1. After watching this week's Raw, I realised something.
    It doesn't matter how phony Cena is, or how super-man he is, but the reaction of his younger fans when he even looks at them is pirceless.

    He's their mother f*cking role model. I don't know if that's really appropiate, but hey, my role model as a child was Justin Timberlake, so no judging.

    Bottom line is, I'm finally OK with Cena. I have to accept the fact that kids watch WWE, and he's their representative.
  2. well no shit.
    Still have the right to hate the character though.
  3. Why is this in the locker Room?
  4. Well, shit.
  5. On topic though, I don't like him, I don't care if the kids like him or not..
    He is boring, stale, predictable overrated by the WWE, many won't like my post but that's how I really feel about him.
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  6. I idolized the Hulkster too, but at some point it gets old being a super hero. At some point these kids will grow up and grow tired of his routine. Then, and only then, will there be a chance of him changing.
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  7. When these kids grow up, another generation of kids will come (who are 2 years olds now) and cheer him..

    This will never end :upset:
  8. By then Cena will have been forced into retirement due to age and injuries.
  9. Yea I know, it was a joke :pity:
  10. There used to be a time where kids and adults could share the same superstar, but now it's just superstars who are overly childish. I don't think superstars need to go out of there way to appeal to kids to get them to like you. Rock nor Austin did that and they had a good following of children, for the parents who did let their children watch wrestling during that era.
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  11. This has always been my idea to turn him heel - just like when the Hulkamaniacs from the 80's grew up and became teenagers, just wait for the CenaNation to get sick of Cena and/or find a new hero in someone else. Then turn him.
  12. Yeah, but since they don't do that anymore, it's better to just keep Cena in that area, and not have CM Punk and Rock shake hands instead of kick the shit out of eachother.
  13. I agree with you I cant stand him either.My daughter thinks he is okay but loves Kane and my youngest is 2 only ever talks about Kane and The No man :lol1::no:
  14. Re: RE: Cenation

    I recall during dx's days there were kids in the crowd doing crotch chops, and you couldn't talk to any kids in the street without them telling you to suck it when they got mad. I guess we have to remember that's it's a different time... I guess. So depressing, i miss the "crotch chop kids".

    ~Three Said That~
  15. He's marketed to kids, if they didn't like him I'm not sure who would. That's his thing, as a Superman character shoved down your throats the entire time you'd expect that. But then the kids grow and see how much crap he was (as a character before anyone flames me) and see it's stale and stop following it, same happened with Hogan.
  16. Re: RE: Cenation

    You know what caused that? The hulkamaniacs growing up and ended up thinking wow Hollywood is cool as fuck now, I wanna see him. We're just at the start of that curve again, let it progress From.
  17. I'm not so sure, I really don't see that in anyone today, maybe CM Punk. I think Ryback has good blend of fans despite occasionally being called Goldberg. I don't think there is a superstar today that everyone just likes all together, at the level of high popularity.

    I also don't see that curve coming, can't see who would lead that curve honestly, unless Cena goes heel.
  18. Re: RE: Cenation

    Cena is the one, his reaction is a sped up version of what Hulk started receiving in the early 90s. Heel Cena is currently the only big moment currently available in wrestling imo, as soon as they pull the trigger it'll spark a pretty big reaction. I'm not saying BATB big but you get the idea.
  19. :mog:

    But in all honesty I get what you mean 100%. Their faces and reactions when he comes out or wins is pretty cool :pity:
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