News Cesaro called "Boring" by officials

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    Well maybe if he was given a mic and longer than 5 min matches on the pre-show he could show his fucking personality! Seriously WWE piss me off so much sometimes!
  2. Typical Meltzer bullshit. Saying nothing whilst making it seem like he is saying a lot.
  3. 'Yeah. Cesaro is too boring to win matches.'
    - No One Ever
  4. Boring? What the fuck do they know about boring? For months Raw has been boring, with the exception of a few, but the most are boring. Cesaro's matches are fucking boss, and try giving him a non boring gimmick. He's not boring, WWE Creative are boring. I never hear the fans say they're bored of a Cesaro match, because he's great in ring. His mic skills were bearable, but at least his in ring was great and he looked strong.
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  5. These officials must be trolling...
  6. Cesaro's as boring as Ryback is when he wins, two great moves and the match's finished
  7. He's no Ryback that's for sure :harvey:
  8. Cesaro for MITB!
  9. Cesaro boring yet we get Cena, Rock vs Cena 2, HHH, Show, Khali, fifty thousand recaps, five million did you knows, an a ME scene that has no idea where its going from one week to the next.
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  10. Clearly theirs plenty of WWE Creative members who are drunk right now when they call Cesaro boring.The men is the top 5 best Wrestlers in WWE right now, and always gives 100 percent no matter who he faces.That man is going to be World Champion one way or another!
  11. God I despise your bullshit Meltzer. Anyway, it's not implausible for officials to be this stupid, but yeah I think it's unlikely.
  12. They said boring from a personality standpoint. Which I kinda agree with. I can believe this report since there's been guys before who have been released or de-pushed or whatever because top officials got tired of them or found them uninteresting. Can anyone honestly say they get excited when Caesro grabs the mic? The only promo I've liked of his is the one he cut on Ric Flair (during MizTv) where he said the four fingers he held up stood for his ex-wives, not the Four Horsemen.
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  13. Look at the material he's had to work with. I don't think anyone could turn that shit into something worthwhile
  14. Material is a large factor. Cesaro has proved that he can work as a character and talker. His run in Chikara (a very character driven promotion) and his Swiss banker character were both solid characters that worked.
  15. I can see it. Cesaro works a slower, more methodical-yet-unorthodox style of both promo and ring-work. While us long-time fans can appreciate that, I see how it can really bore casuals.

    Then again as everyone else said who isn't boring on the current roster? Even the good talents are boring right now. "Oh, Cesaro sucks, lets not push him... but Sheamus, he's the man!"

    He was given a womanizer gimmick, then a rugby player, then a generic Anti-American, then whatever he's doing now... It's been such a clusterfuck. He's done some incredible things in the ring on the indies, but his watered-down ringstyle isn't working in his favor. He doesn't seem comfortable in his current role at all. He isn't over because... well, why would we boo him? "BOO YOU WAVE THE AMERICAN FLAG AND ARE REALLY STRONG BOO"

    Hey, why not let him work his own character that he's very comfortable portraying? Or is that just too logical for WWE at this point.
  16. "Antonio Cesaro lacks personality.. lets push the RYBACK!!"

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  17. :happy:RYBACK RULES
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  18. yo, I heard you wanted some new, up and comers pushed. . . here's ryback. :dawg:
  19. While I, for the most part, disagree with the comments about Cesaro lacking personality I do see why he would be perceived as boring to the higher-ups. Although he has been solid in the ring he hasn't been spectacular. And although working with some pretty awful material, he has done nothing in the way of passion and character to try and at least get the stuff over. In short, even though I appreciate Cesaro as a worker and would be the first to admit he has a plethora of potential, he has done nothing to make himself stand out regardless of the situations he has been put in. It only takes one minute, one moment, one line and boom, you're over or you've at least made yourself interesting. As much as I hate to say it, Cesaro has yet to do that for me. I still think he has an extremely bright future though.
  20. Damn, WWE backstage tension, what else is new. But really, them not looking at Cesaro in a brighter light in my opinion is foolish.
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