Cesaro censored on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. Perhaps a jump to confusion. Would have enjoyed seeing that though.
  2. Yeah, maybe they thought it looked too much like the middle fingers
  3. ^ The answer right there
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  4. Well that's a dumb reason lol
  5. Well, I think that's a fair reason. I mean, when was the last time someone gave someone the ring finger instead of the middle one? When they saw Cesaro doing that I could see Vince or Dunn flipping out and cutting it immediately because that motion is a middle finger being given 99.9% of the time.
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  6. "You can't even flip your ring fingers to the almighty John Cena, dammit!" - Vinnie Mac
  7. The :fact:that flipping someone the bird is something that needs to be "censored" in the first place is pretty ridiculous.
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  8. Because the PG crowd never sees that anywhere else. Right?
  9. It's not really that, but more the fact that for me while negative finger-gesturing should rightfully be considered "rude" and "offensive" (because giving someone the middle finger is such a quick and easy way of communicating to someone how you feel about them without needing to say a word), it shouldn't be considered so obscene or repugnant that people feel it necessary to censor it on television.
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  10. I seem to remember Randy doing this to Seth on RAW a few months ago. His gestures were sort of above the camera's sight, but I actually have no problem with it in wrestling. It's very difficult to hear above crowd noise and showing your displeasure for another person can be easily shown using a hand gesture. I wouldn't flip the bird but there's certainly other ways to do this.
  11. Yeah I remember reading about this. Orton flipped the birds faster than the censor/camera guy could pan away or whatever. The camera guy intentionally made it so you couldn't see the gesture by not shooting it in the frame. On the live edition of RAW one could see it no problem, but on the Hulu version it's not even slightly there. Yay for YouTube
  12. Oh, you mean this?
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  13. If Cesaro wanted to make a "brass ring" gesture he should have made it more clear what he was doing and not just done it like a double bird.
  14. :yes:
  15. :bitw:
  16. Well it's usually censored on Network and Basic Cable anyway. It's considered the visual equivalent of the f-word. I could see them just not wanting to deal with any fines that may come from an argument over which fingers were actually flipped.

    Of course, I'm always amused at the stupidity of censorship. Ever watch something on Hallmark channel? They even censor stuff from shows like Frasier. It's acceptable to be shown on network TV but that kind of trash just wont fly on the Hallmark Channel.
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  17. I believe in clean language and being an exemplary person but if people are going to fight they ought to be allowed to do so. This may involve foul language and inappropriate gesturing, but this is appropriate for Parental Guidance ratings I think. Parents should be monitoring their children's watching habits, but also explaining that arguments are a very real part of living.
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