Rumor Cesaro going to Smackdown Live?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Noa Shalev, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Do you think Cesaro will go to Smackdown? or will he stay at Raw?

    Cesaro was recently forced in to a new tag team with Sheamus, will that force the Swiss Superman to leave Raw and join the blue brand?
  2. Pretty sure they're just furthering the 'displeasure with being tagged' angle. I wouldn't mind it one bit if it did happen though. Cesaro would be a perfect WWE championship contender on SD!
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  3. Kinda hope so I was so disappointed by that finish at COC. The match was so good hard hitting and minus that suicide dive was great. This tag team I don't maybe it could work but I think Smackdown need more guys in the mid card or higher. After the Miz vs Ziggler match who can Miz face? Crews ? Already did that. Corbin? Heel vs Heel not going happen. Smackdown needs some guys like Zayn and Cesaro.
  4. If the team with Sheamus doesn't work and if they fail capturing the tag titles, then I guess he may go to SmackDown.

    I wouldn't mind it at all.
  5. hey how about both go? Sheamus has as much purpose in kayfabe as Cesaro, it'll also be good for the irish man too
  6. Personally I think Cesaro would be better off on would Sami Zayn...

    A Cesaro/Styles match would be amazing to watch...
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