Cesaro- how far can he go?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 16, 2014.

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  1. Main Event Player/WWE WHC Material

  2. Upper Mid Card beefcake. Occasional Main Eventer

  3. Mid card/tag team staple

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  4. Mid card jabroni ala Dolph Ziggler

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  5. Send this faggot back to Switzerland!

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  1. Cesaro has potential to be a main eventer. He's got a great look, he's strong, amazingly talented, he has some cool moves he could do as a face so the kids can love him, he's foreign.

    He's got it all.
  2. He deserves the Main Event spotlight, no doubt.
  3. Give him back Aksana and let them have an Edge/Lita moment on the bed in the ring.
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  4. He has size and everything. Not quite a midget. Mic skills might hold him back , but hopefully he'll be an uppermicard/mainevent guy. I also doubt his "look" a little. Nothing wrong with him, but nothing special either. Bit bald and bland. But unless WWE really fuck up, he shouldn't be any lower than uppercard.
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  5. Easily a main eventer at some point. The guy has pretty good mics skills from what I've seen, and we all obviously know how good he is in the ring. If WWE doesn't capitalize on him at some point while he's still young, then I've lost faith in WWE.
  6. He's a future world champion without question.
  7. This man is gonna be good. It's all how the WWE uses him.
  8. If WWE use him well he has great potential, hopefully he will be a main eventer at some point
  9. If they hadn't unified the titles, I would have given him a few big WHC runs, but I voted occasional Main Eventer. I don't think that the belt matters as much as he will be one of the guys (and already is to a point) who everyone will want to see, regardless of where he is on the card.
  10. I was incredibly surprised they had him beat Orton clean on SmackDown. Looking forward to seeing what they do with him
  11. Future World Champion imo, I think he can become a Main Eventer and stay there for a long time.
  12. He's definitely good enough to spend the entirety of his career in the upper-midcard and main event, but it'll be hard for him to capture the gold now that there's only one world title. But that's one of the positive things to me about having only one world title to win - guys who might otherwise be worthy enough to have a run with the belt will be forced to compete for the midcard belts instead, which sounds bad at first but in reality only guarantees a more beefed-up midcard division. Nothing wrong with Cesaro spending the bulk of his time there. He isn't the most charismatic star and the way he's a workhorse for the company makes me think he'll be used similar to other workhorses in the past (Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, British Bulldog, Ricky Steamboat, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, etc... and yes, a few of these names had runs with the world title at some point, but they still spend the grand majority of their careers in the midcard.)
  13. Totally agree Lockyard, although I do think that at some point the WHT and WWE title will be split again, otherwise they'd have either done away with one of the belts or created a new belt altogether, so a Cesaro World Title run could still happen. I think, if anything, he'll at least win Money in the Bank
  14. They'll do away with one of the titles after Orton loses at Wrestlemania. Same with Jericho in 2002 when he carried both belts from the time he unified them in December to the time he lost to HHH at Mania (and yeah, they re-introduced the WHC later in the year but that wasn't the long-term plan.) They likely don't want to create a brand new championship because they only just introduced the new design of the WWE Title last year.
  15. Could be. I don't know though. With all the guys they've had returning recently, you'd have to figure that splitting the belts would be good. Especially if Batista's off to promote Guardians. He could be going to press conferences etc with either the World or WWE title while the other champion defends the belts on TV (as Big Dave's going to have to take some time off for Guardians PR work), so re-spliting the titles would have it's benefits
  16. In the current version of WWE, he'll be one of the guys who will probably spend most of his time in the upper midcard and come up to the main event on occasion. I'm thinking he'll win the WWE Championship a couple or three times in his career. He's got a good look and good skills, but he doesn't have the over-the-top look of Reigns or Langston (in the "generation" of stars he's in). I could see him playing a heel role a lot like Flair or HHH, though, which would keep him in the main event scene for longer.

  17. I'm on the 'no' side of splitting up the titles again.
    They need to work on getting these other titles some more prestige before they do anything like that.
    The IC should be a much more desired belt.
  18. I agree with you on pretty much everything regarding Cesaro.

    I voted that he would be an upper mid-card beefcake, the reasoning is that for me he doesn't quite have the 'Look' that people such as Orton, Cena, The Rock or even Roman Reigns have. Vince prefers a big guy with good looks etc.

    I think Cesaro has the in-ring work of a main-eventer but his character is that of a mid-carder, at the moment his pops are not big enough but I guess WWE can change that if they really want to.
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  19. Upper Mid Card beefcake. Occasional Main Eventer

    Even though I'd like him as the main event, I don't think he will. Hopefully I'm wrong, because i'd enjoy it very much.
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