Cesaro losing momentum

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Just Kevin, May 7, 2014.

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  1. I agree with this article 100%.

    For months and months, the shining light of Cesaro became one of the biggest talking points amongst professional wrestling fans.
    He had clearly outgrown Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, and looked set to split from the group and become a face—something he hadn't done in his run with the company so far.

    However, the direction Cesaro was heading down completely changed in the past few weeks. And it has changed to such a degree that the push he was set to receive is in grave danger of falling apart.

    That may seem like a bold statement. But when you consider where Cesaro should be, compared to the position he finds himself in, there is substance to the issue.

    There are several reasons for this, but WWE Creative has to take a huge chunk of the blame for their failure to capitalize on Cesaro's growing success—which is in serious danger of being completely eliminated.

    Creative's biggest miss should have been a logical first step on Cesaro's path to stardom—a rivalry with Jack Swagger.

    Sure, he was in a Triple Threat match with Swagger and Rob Van Dam at Extreme Rules—but this should have been a one-on-one bout to put Cesaro over in favor of his tag partner.

    Some may argue that it was better for Cesaro to beat two men rather than one, but in actuality the match was just a bit of a mess. It certainly didn't garner any direction or momentum for Cesaro.

    When the split between The Real Americans finally occurred after months of teasing from the WWE, the company took a bold, brave move to push Cesaro's career to the next level.

    Had they played it out right, Cesaro would be in a much better place than he is right now.

    It was the night after WrestleMania XXX. Cesaro was being presented the trophy for winning the battle royal in memory of Andre the Giant when he announced he had a shocking new manager—Paul Heyman.

    Cue massive applause and rapturous cheers.

    Although WWE fans may immediately think Heyman is simply a heel through and through, that is absolutely not the case. Heyman barely needed to do anything to push Cesaro in the right direction, just stand alongside him and call his name out when he won.

    However, the WWE messed it up. Instead of cementing Cesaro's face turn, they effectively turned him heel by having Heyman bang on about Brock Lesnar's victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX. Sure, the company didn't want anyone to forget about that result in a hurry, but this was not the way to do it.

    The company has completely missed the boat with Cesaro's popularity—he was massively over just before The Real Americans split.

    A lack of direction with his character is jeopardizing him to such an extent that he is in grave danger of failing as a singles competitor—or at least as one who is heading for great success.

    It still isn't too late for the company to save him. Have Heyman drop the act regarding Lesnar and The Undertaker, and book Cesaro as a face. Those 'Cesaro Section' signs will be back quicker than you can blink, and the cheers will return with them.

  2. Can't agree.
    Countless names have come into the WWE and they got over as heels. WWE turns the guy face and effectively castrates them before our very eyes.
    WWE has done as a favor by keeping Cesaro as a selfish bastard who only wants to hurt people. Would it be better if was Rey Mysterio's protector or started crying at the injustice of a fellow worker? No and no.
    I don't buy Cesaro being a terrible face, but keeping him heel longer maintains his edge for as long as possible. Unless the dude is a merch magnet, I'm in favor of his direction as long as he doesn't develop a caring heart

    Mark Henry, CM Punk, Ziggler, Miz and countless others have had their most shining moments as heels. Faces draw $, I get it. It's the heels (not named Orton) that makes angles worth watching
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  3. Well, the WWE is said to be high on Cesaro as a babyface and the reported plans at the moment are for him to ditch Paul Heyman and wrestle Brock Lesnar as early as Summerslam (and win.) So... yeah. Looks like that big babyface turn is coming sooner rather than later (plans can change on a whim's notice, of course, but that's obviously where his affiliation with Heyman is headed towards eventually.)

    I don't get the hype about seeing him as a main event player, personally. He's a talented cat, but not really someone who strikes me as a "top hand", be it face or heel.
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  4. Once again, @Just Kevin beats me to the punch. Well played MOTM, well played.

    I sort off agree. I think this whole Paul Heyman partnership with him will push towards an even bigger face turn. Of course, this is if they do it correctly. Which they probably won't. I don't think his popularity has dwindled much, but people like him and not Paul.

    Does anyone else want Undertaker to just show up give PH a beating so he'll STFU? I keep getting the feeling that he is repeating it so much to keep it fresh in our minds because something is going to happen with the Undertaker (no idea what). Sorry, kind of topic but I wanted to get that out there.
  5. Hmm, I'll second this statement.

    I like Cesaro and all but honestly I think his mic skills or lack there of rather is going to prevent him from being a top hand in the company. How are you supposed to grow an attachment to someone based solely on their in-ring performances, it's doable but takes some commitment. Much easier to like a guy for their in ring performance and then plus some skills on the mic.
  6. Floating around the mid card isn't going to do much for him. Nor is pretending he's face and giving him Heyman.
  7. That article is off-base.

    Cesaro is over because of his charisma and the crowd response he gets. He's over because he picks guys up and swings them around in an old-fashioned wrestling move. He's over because he's something of a throwback to the days of Lou Thesz, when it was more about body language than talking on a microphone.

    As much as people like to compare Daniel Bryan to a Chris Benoit or Dean Malenko (two guys who got over with the crowd because of what they did in the ring, not what they did on the mic), it's really Cesaro who is this generation's Chris Benoit, that rare talent who the fans invest their emotions in because of his in-ring ability, not his ability to talk (having said that, I think Cesaro cuts pretty decent promos on his own, I thought the same about Benoit.....neither has/had the mic capacity of a CM Punk, HHH, or John Cena, but they connect well with the fanbase).

    Cesaro is a face already, so far as the crowd is concerned and, although I think it's a waste to put him in a Lesnar feud this soon, I know he'll go over Lesnar (if he can give the Gotch Neutralizer to Mark Henry, the Big Show, etc., he can give it to Lesnar) and I know he'll go up from there.

    As for his long-term future, Cesaro is a guy who will be able to go in and out of the main event scene as needed. He'll probably end up with numerous IC reigns and numerous WWE/WHC reigns. And wherever on the card he is, that will be one of the top matches every night.

    I don't worry about Cesaro.

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  8. The numerous IC reigns I can see no problem and I can definitely see atleast 1 WWE/WHC reign in his future..though Idk if I can see numerous main card titles in his future. Honestly though that's mainly because I don't think he has the mic ability to hold up in the main event scene without someone like Heyman or Zeb helping his promos out.

    Don't get me wrong I like Cesaro a lot and would LOVE to see numerous WWE/WHC reigns out of him no doubt but with people like Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Bad News Barrett.. still young (not as young for BNB but 33 not bad) and looking to be top guys for the company I just really think they will get more cracks and opportunities because of their their charisma, the fan reactions, in ring skills as well as their skills with the mic in their hand.

    I wouldn't say it's impossible to get numerous WWE/WHC in his current state but unless he can establish himself better on the mic It's going to be a lot harder of a road than it would for the other guys mentioned.

    I don't worry about Cesaro much either, I think he has a place in this business for the long run; specifically the WWE.
  9. Well, to be fair, when given the opportunity, he can be entertaining in the mic, I wholeheartedly believe his work on the mic during his run as united states champion was more enjoyable than most of the promos Bryan gave since feuding with triple H, not that I dislike bryan, but what i'm saying is, if Bryan can do it, so can Cesaro
  10. My top worry with the guy is that Heyman isn't helping him any, the heat he's generating doesn't go over to Cesaro the same way it does with Brock. It's probably just different presentation, different writing, etc, but you you do have to wonder. (And keeping him heel is just ridiculous.)
  11. The main problem is pairing him up with a heel like that right after he got the big win at the PPV... just weird.
  12. I hate how this all is going. Cesaro had a good thing going with Zeb, then they broke him away and he gets put with Heyman, who only pimps Brock Lesnar. I hate it. Get Cesaro over as a heel (or face, whatever they choose), and focus on Cesaro. Pimping Lesnar while managing Cesaro is dumb.
  13. I don't even care about Cesaro anymore tbh, mainly because he hasn't clicked with Heyman yet (can be fixed), but we never got the big "Real Americans" Cesaro vs Swagger feud.
  14. This whole thing makes me laugh. Wrestling fans are so bipolar sometimes.

    "I hate Cesaro being with Zeb. It doesn't make him feel important." So, they take him away from Zeb and put him with Heyman, who is arguably the best manager in the business today (I don't necessarily agree that he's better than Zeb, but, hey....). "I wish Cesaro was still with Zeb."

    BTW, yes, Heyman still mentions that "My client BROCK LESNAR.....", but he's also been saying "My client Cesaro, the Swiss Superman, the King of Swing, won the inaugural Andre the Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania".

    "I'm tired of tag teams breaking up and all we ever get is a big feud between the tag team partners. It's so predictable. Cesaro feuding with Swagger would be lame." So, they break up the team and Swagger feuds with Adam Rose while Cesaro gets put in a feud for the US Title against one of the top main event stars of the last few years. "Where's the feud with Swagger?!?!"

    (Please note: I'm not picking on CFC or WarMachine. They're not the only ones who've been doing this, particularly lately....they just happened to be the ones doing it on this thread when I checked this morning; really...I love you guys)

    Here's a point that cannot be too often stated (and I'm ready to catch hell for): WWE doesn't book for you. They book for the entire audience. If the entire audience doesn't like it, they'll go a different way (see: Batista vs. Orton at Wrestlemania XXX). But, right now, Cesaro is considered one of the future "prime time players" (no, they're not teaming him up with Titus O'Neill or Darren Young to form a tag team) and they're booking him like one. The US Title is something they're trying to rejuvenate; that's why they put it on Sheamus, one of the top guys of the last few years, so that his fame (which he has a bit of, though the IWC rarely sees it) will rub off on the title. The fact that they're going to have a fairly high-profile feud over a midcard belt between two guys who are upper midcard/main event level shows how seriously they are taking the belt right now.

    So, we haven't really gotten Cesaro/Swagger.....yet. I have a feeling we'll see it in the future. Until then, I am content to watch and wait and enjoy Cesaro being Boss Hog, because he's still a guy I enjoy watching. The hitches between him and Heyman will smooth out and, if they don't, they'll split them up. I'm not too concerned at all.

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  15. But don't you think that it's a risk they're taking with turning him heel? When he swung Swagger and won the Battle Royal he got some massive WM pops, he was very over as a babyface. It was pretty much a face turn. Now, I'm not saying I wanted to see an extended feud with Swagger or him with Zeb, but pairing him with Heyman and immediately re-turning him heel, so to speak, was a questionable call imo. He was getting big pops not just from the smarks (who will always cheer him) but from the rest of the crowd as well, and I think that's something they could've capitalized on, but instead, they paired him with a big heel magnet, which will kinda kill your pops. I thought this decision was strange (if they're going to turn him in the future or not I'm not sure, they could, but imo not going forward with a face turn right after WM was weird).
  16. I think at this point Cesaro is above Swagger, I mean I think Swagger needs to get a little momentum going before they try a little feud. Cesaro is coming off some great performances (Elimination Chamber, Andre the Giant BR.. and those are just the PPV ones) they're doing a good job pairing him against Sheamus to make the US Title relevant again and I dig that a lot. The set ups whether it be a beat the clock challenge, or a tournament or a battle royale have been solid for the mid card titles as of recent even the singles matches and performances leading up to Cesaro being the #1 contender (should it be confirmed) are legit.

    Cesaro is still prime, entertaining although I do think Heyman isn't really necessary , I know I've said Cesaro's mic work is bad in the past but meh I'd rather hear about him then Brock Lesnar.. unless that's an intentional thing where Cesaro will be like "Yo Paul Stfu about Brock already I'm your client he's not around.." something along those lines leading to a Brock Lesnar vs Cesaro moment.. well at least that's my dream at the moment :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  17. I do think it's a risk. But I also think it's a risk that's currently working out. This goes back to the whole "no black and white; only gray (that's "grey" for our British friends) characters" that really started with Bret Hart and his "pro-Canada, anti-US" persona but was really kicked up during the Attitude Era, but I think a "sorta-Face" Cesaro can justify being with a "mostly-heel" manager Heyman because Heyman is usually touted as "the best manager in the business". I also love how we're seeing something of a rebirth of the role of the manager with Heyman, Coulter, and Lana all actively giving advice, orders, etc., during matches.

    The other side of that is that the crowd is still reacting to Cesaro mainly as a face and Heyman as a heel. It's an interesting dynamic, but it's one that's being successful. I know it's a weird decision (I questioned it the night after Mania when they paired Cesaro with Heyman, too), but I'm starting to think that's because we're looking at it from the perspective of being longer-term wrestling fans and not as quick to understand where WWE Creative is taking this ship.

    I agree that Cesaro is currently above Swagger in the pecking order and I actually think that's been happening for a while now. Vince is said to have been very high on both guys for a long time, but Swagger's stock has leveled out while Cesaro's continues to rise. Also, it's rumored that HHH loves Cesaro's work but is not big on Swagger.

    As for the thing about Heyman touting Lesnar's WM victory, it seems like that's toned down a lot in the last few weeks. He still mentions it, but not as prominently as he did before and not as repetitively as he did before (of course, now that I've said that, he'll come out on Raw and do another deal where he repeats it over and over for five minutes). His focus has seemed to be more on the Cesaro character. I do think they're shading things in the direction of having Lesnar return and feud with Cesaro (a similar angle to what they did with Lesnar and Punk last summer) and I'm sure Heyman's touting of Lesnar's abilities will be a part of that. I just don't know how Cesaro's mic work (which I feel is often underrated) will match up with Heyman's. But, we'll see about that.

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  18. Heyman repeatedly reminding us that his client Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker's streak is likely being done so that when Cesaro defeats Lesnar in a match much later down the road, he can begin introducing himself to Heyman (just to throw it in his face) as "I'm Cesaro, the man who beat Brock Lesnar" (or something to that effect.)

    I know many (including myself) doubt that Cesaro will actually pick up a victory over Lesnar when the time comes, but I think in some way, he almost has to. Having two former Paul Heyman Guys in a row lose to Lesnar wouldn't be a good idea. If they booked Lesnar to go over Cesaro in a normal match at Wrestlemania 31 and Cesaro took so much of Lesnar's brutal offense but was still able to stand up on his own, that would still make him look tougher than hell. Then Cesaro could give a promo saying that he's "still standing" and wants Lesnar in a rematch at Extreme Rules, which ends up being a Last Man Standing match. At the end of that match, have Cesaro and Lesnar both down for the count and then Cesaro manages to make it up to his feet with only one or two seconds left, just barely beating the ten count and winning the match. Cesaro going over Lesnar in a stipulation environment like this one is a good way of having him gain a victory while still protecting Lesnar from a traditional pinfall or submission loss (since people always see it as more of a 'defeat' to lose a match in those ways than in any other way, and this would preserve Lesnar's 'invincibility' to an extent so that someone else, possibly Reigns, can be the first guy to pin him later on.)
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  19. True, if you look at Cesaro as a character who is just again starting to blur the line between face and heel, you've got a nice thing going there.
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