News Cesaro out with shoulder injury.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 23, 2015.

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  1. Source: Wrestlinginc, and so forth.

    2015 is the year WWE wrestlers will look back on and get PTSD from.
  2. He could only carry so much, Roman was the breaking point. Get well soon Ponyboy.
  3. back to being that bald guy in porn i guess
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  4. hopefully he doesn't come back to team with Tyson Kidd
  5. 2015 has been the year where all of my favorite wrestlers got injured.

    Get well soon, Swiss Superman! We'll miss you.
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  6. Wtf is going on in 2015???? It's gotta be a fucking conspiracy??? Are they just like over working the fuck out of their talent or what? I mean seriously it's very odd.
  7. Time for a few more call ups and to bring Cena back
  8. I wonder what this means for NXT callups. See you soon, Fat Joe.
  9. It means they're getting called up quite possibly as soon as the Rumble comes around.

    With NXT TakeOver: London happening on December 16th, Joe will most likely unsuccessfully challenge Bálor for the NXT title, while Corbin will most likely lose to Apollo Crews, so I can definitely see Joe and Corbin as the next two singles guys from NXT getting called up.
  10. NXT Rumble tourney is a yearly thing, there's that. And Joe is an NXT exclusive, so if either of them were to be called up it'd be Balor. Corbin would be perfect for the Rumble, just wreck shop till the last 5.

    Ryback and Slater can carry the rest until Corbin.
  11. I'm still upset about this. Really hope they use Cesaro well when he gets back.
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