Cesaro/Sin Cara

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Delbusto2, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Although it was a pretty short match, there were a few cool spots and I love Antonio Cesaro, so I made a video of the match. The European Uppercut counter was awesome, as was all of Cara's offense.

  2. Nice video, Cesaro's international experience helped him a lot there for sure. He sold that Sunset Flip Powerbomb amazingly and the Uppercut was great stuff.
  3. That sunset flip powerbomb was a thing of beauty. Made Cara look entertaining.

    ~Three Said That~
  4. Just goes to show how great Cesaro is. Still pissed off that he was buried on RAW.
  5. Cool video!
  6. THAT POWERBOMB! So godly ;_;
  7. These two have real chemistry in their matches. The match was really 5 star worthy.
  8. Cara vs. Rey at WM29! CASE CLOSED!
  9. Didn't catch the match but damn that sunset flip powerbomb was godly. Great edit here too, I particularly like how the clean vocals (in what I can only assume was the chorus) didn't kick in until after that spot. You're great at these.
  10. Phenomenal stuff as always, DelBusto. This may have been the best 2 minute match I've ever seen, so packed with action. Cesaro's a boss.
  11. Another seriously fantastic edit. So glad that you post these. I missed this match but this looks fantastic. I always think the point of these edits is to make both look incredible, and this video definitely does that.

    As for the match, I'm one of the few that still has faith in Cara. Cesaro rightly gets a lot of the credit because Cara's move-set does rely a lot on the wrestler he's distributing it on, but Cara -- when on form -- gives you constant entertaining matches. If he continues to wrestle established and skilled wrestlers like Cesaro then he will only get better.
  12. This I hope he continues to get pushed against people as skilled as Cesaro.
  13. @Stopspot will be hot over this vid
  14. Cesaro is a strong man & sin cara is a quikly man & he is short
  15. Sin Cara works well with Cesaro, really great to see.
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