Cesaro vs Sheamus - Would you be opposed to it?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. I'd be perfectly happy with a feud between these two down the line. Both dudes are hard hitters who know how to work a good physical style. So the matches would probably be great. Granted the promos wouldn't be the greatest but the ring work whore in me are salivating at the thought of longer matches between the two.

    Would you be opposed to these two feuding somewhere down the line? Perhaps with a title involved.
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  2. Nope. Real Americans v Sheamus/Christian was the best match on RAW. As long as Cesaro went over it could be fun.
  3. Yes. Sheamus ruins everything he touches, and I have high hopes for Cesaro.
  4. Not at all. Since it would be only a midcard feud, the lack of exciting or enthralling promos wouldn't bother me as much, especially since the promise of it being a good/great match would more than make up for it. Sheamus is also strong as hell like Ceasro, so it'd be cool to see him do the big swing on Cesaro himself.

    They did have a pretty good match on Raw over a year ago here (Sheamus cuts a short but pretty decent promo after the match, too):

  5. Damn, of course not. Their matches are awesome, the tag match on Raw proved that. I'd love more Sheamus/Cesaro bouts.
  6. This match would great for Cesaro. Sheamus is kind of a big name and a former champion and Royal Rumble winner. Cesaro having a match with him one on one at Wrestlemania will only help further his career. I foresee Sheamus winning, however, but I feel that the WWE Universe will be in Cesaro's corner.
  7. Cesaro was real over on Raw, and having a feud with Sheamus would benefit him greatly, if he went over of course.
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  8. Agreed, but even if he won o lost....having a good performance at Mania will help.
  9. I agree with you on some extent, just as long as WWE make Cesaro look like a strong motherfucker, a loss wouldn't hurt I guess. I'd just find it more appealing for Cesaro to go over.
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  10. I actually mentioned that in my review. They worked really well together, would make for great matches.
  11. Getting to see Sheamus spun around like a little kid would be awesome.

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  12. I think Cesaro going over works, but not at Mania. It would be his first Mania, right? I think Sheamus would need the win more. Both guys just beating the hell out of each other would excite the crowd and both guys could come out of the match looking strong. Have Cesaro hold his own in a brawl, do his swing spot, and have him take ALL of Sheamus' moves (He has like 12 finishers he uses) and continue kicking out until it takes one final brogue kick to put him down. Then he and Sheamus shake hands afterward signaling Cesaro's face turn. Swagger and Zeb can come out to shit on him like "Hey don't shake hands with this dirty Irish immigrant!" and then Cesaro can swing Zeb and Neutralize Swagger to a massive pop.
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  13. Yeah, like I said, I honestly don't mind who'd go over, just as long as Cesaro gets a nice rub from it, I'm fine with it really. Actually thinking about it, Swagger vs. Cesaro at Mania sounds like a great bout, but too many breakups of teams/stables coming up probably stops all chances of that happening..
  14. Yea I mentioned that in my Raw review as well. PTPs just broke up and most expect the Rhodes to soon... so while I can get behind a Real Americans break up feud, it probably isn't the time for it.
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  15. I'm good with this.

    I have a feeling we'll get the Swagger/Cesaro feud after Mania.

    Then we'll get to endure a few months of hearing how WWE doesn't care about the tag team division while they bring in/create some more teams to get some more guys over.

  16. I feel that although swagger and Ceasaro can work, Sheamus is a much better fit as he is more popular and credible than Swagger. Sheamus would make Ceasaro look better
  17. You're right, but there won't be a huge feud between Cesaro and Sheamus...at least not yet. It's an opportunity to turn Cesaro face in one match, if booked properly.

    But the first feud that face Cesaro will have will be with Swagger.

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  18. there could be a big feud between them. as long as WWE gives them some time after the EC. Hell, their feud could even begin in the chamber and ripple throughout raw and smackdown afterwards.
    I agree that he should feud with Swagger afterwards at Extreme Rules.
  19. I'm completely opposed to anything involving Sheamus winning, however if Cesaro is put over by this type of match with him winning then yes I'd be down for that.

    Although I assume Swagger is going to be his first real feud, no?
  20. I'd be down, the matches would be great.
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