Cesaro vs Zyan

Discussion in 'NXT' started by TheBestCup, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. Ok The first match was awesome now there going to a a second ? Im all for that I have a feeling they are going to tare the house down. Do you think its going to be awesome or a flop?
  2. Iono on one hand they're trying to make Cesaro look good by having him beat Orton on this recent Smackdown and also by having him in the EC PPV Main Event to begin with, and then on the other they're trying to put over Sami Zayn eventually, but my thing is if it goes to Sami Zayn i'm not sure why you would go through this effort of making Cesaro look good only just to lose to go back down from a PPV Main Event and lose to an NXT star.

    I hope it's atleast entertaining though, would be sad if it wasn't.
  3. Him losing on NXT doesn't matter. NXT is a separate universe to the main roster in the sense that what happens to main roster stars don't affect their main roster standing. So Zayn going over Cesaro will have a positive effect on Zayn but no negatives will fall on Cesaro. They won't reference it on RAW or Smackdown exactly.
  4. Im more concerned with the matter of him simply appearing on NXT no more than 3 days after main eventing an EC PPV is just weird as shit.
  5. Again, separate universe. It's hardly going to affect anything.

    Cesaro is a physical freak, he'll take it all in stride. He's at a lot of the NXT tapings because he lives in the area and his girlfriend is head trainer of the divas.
  6. Cesaro on NXT is no issue at all. Being at NXT means he can work on his mic skills which have improved and his already fantastic in ring will just get better from training, he adds a lot to the show.
  7. I get it's a seperate universe and all, but it's still labelled as "developmental territories" and it's going to be the first Live NXT show so for their sakes hopefully more people are going to be watching than the standard NXT viewers and I'd say several are going to be like uhh what why is a main eventer at a PPV for the big leagues stepping down for a *upper* midcard match in the developmental leagues.. In my eyes its going to seem like an NBA Player making it to the All-Star game and then being sent down to the D-League after the All-Star game ends for some weird reason.. different universes, same parent promotion, yet lesser quality.

    In anyone's eyes who watch the 3 shows (excluding ME & Superstars), they're going to think it's pretty funny.
  8. They aren't going to think its funny they are going to think "Holy shit this match is awesome"
  9. First off: Cesaro vs Zayn is not going to be a mid card match at arrival, Zayn is arguably the number 1 good guy in NXT. It's the co-main event if anything. And allowing Cesaro to be at NXT does not devalue him at all, rather it only increases the value in him. This the guy the company trusts to put out consistently good matches with just about anyone they have, same with Zayn. So what do they do for the first live special to draw people who don't watch NXT in? They put these two together for what is likely to be a top notch match. It's smart marketing.

    Main roster guys who appear on NXT are there to help put eyes on the product, because the average American wrestling viewer has little to no knowledge about it since it isn't on traditional TV. The fact that they have such faith in Cesaro only speaks high of him.
  10. Mmkay
  11. Your words say "okay". But I feel like you don't believe it :ksi:
  12. Zayn the gimp vs Cesarrrroooooo!
    I'll go Swiss over Syria in that one.
  13. Are you fishing for me to bow down before your response or something lol? I said 'mmkay' as in I'm confirming I've heard what you had to say..
  14. Mostly it was just banter. But I was also interested to see if you had any other arguments so we could continue the discussion.

    But mainly just banter.
  15. Mmkay
  16. What I've never understood is if they're separate universes why they even tease the NXT viewers with a US or IC title match on the show.
  17. Once they did a US title match
  18. idk, I can see where that would mislead a few ppl but who cares anymore just turn those matches off since we know the challenger will never ever ever win being in a separate universe and all.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. im pulling for cesaro, hope he fucks up Zayn's leg even worse than it was b4
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