Cesaro's pipebomb

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. I can't argue with what the dude said. So, yeah, this definitely came off as a shoot. Hopefully he doesn't get punished for it, though... a la HIAC 2014 where he was being punished for saying everyone's sick of watching Cena vs Orton time and time again.
  2. Where was the pipebomb? Also, kayfab.
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  3. A work that brings up bad memories of Ziggler being Stephanie's bitch. Cool promo but absolutely nothing good will come from this.
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  4. Probably a work but still a good promo. Gives off a sense of legitimate disapproval and when you consider the fact that draft results weren't discussed beforehand it makes this promo so much better. Will anything come of this? Doubt it.
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  5. It's not a shoot. They're working "smart" fans. Understand if you see it on WWE programming, it was approved for WWE programming. Cesaro is cutting a promo in character. Good promos blur the line though, which is all this is. They're much better about these things than they used to be.

    CM Punk's pipebomb promo seems so childish now. "LOOK AT ME I SAID ROH ON RAW, I'M A REBEL!" lol
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  6. Saying that he doesn't like management and how they're treating RAW and it's wrestlers, isn't a pipebomb. SmackDown is inherently the more wrestling-based show, and I believe that it should stay that way. But I see why WWE is putting this talent on RAW.

    Also, I think it's a worked-shoot. Cesaro was probably told to speak his mind on the draft. I only conclude that because Cesaro isn't speaking in the most fluent of ways. He's kind of stumbling on words and stuttering. As if he's speaking on the fly. I'm probably reading too in-between the lines, but that's just my take.
  7. It definitely came off as a shoot, though. The dude seemed frustrated.

    Hopefully they trade Cesaro for Kalisto in the near future, though.
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  8. Well he is frustrated. That's the thing. He's being allowed to vent that frustration as Cesaro, because they know it resonates with the fans. It's the New Era. Cesaro is clearly gonna go straight to the moon in the New Era. Using his real frustration and channeling it and bringing a bit of his real personality is a great way to connect. He's not going to say anything on TV about Steph that she doesn't know about in advance though.

    Steph is a smart lady. She knows how she's perceived, and she's confident enough in herself to allow that perception be used to move an angle forward and get Cesaro to that next level.

    Cesaro is gonna buck up against Steph and destroy anyone who opposes with EUROPEAN UPPERCUT DEATH. I'm excited.
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  9. I don't see Cesaro being in the ME, although I'm hoping I'm very wrong about it, but I see him dethroning Rusev for the US title. So, that's better than nothing, I guess.

  10. You have to start somewhere dude. I'm not saying he's gonna fight for the world title next month, but if he has direction and there's forward momentum that's a good thing.
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  11. Can we please stop referring to these types of promos/interviews as pipebombs? It's not what they are called. They are called shoots.
    They happened way before CM Punk cut his scripted shoot.

    As for the shoot itself: Only the top talent knew what brand they were going for so this was very much an example of Cesaro shooting from the hip. If I could pick he would be on Smackdown but RAW needs a few workhorses as well.
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  12. Yeah, he went off the reservation against what the office wants, did some "shootin' from the hip". Sure. Because he's a true rebel, and Stephanie will feel the wrath of his Stone Cold Uppercuts soon.
  13. Cesaro has nothing really to fear for speaking his mind. He knows he is a important enough piece that they would keep him around either way. And if he left he'd be in very high demand worldwide. He's set either way.

    He's also a true pro so he most likely cleared it with the producers before even cutting the promo
  14. OK so that's not shooting from the hip though. I didn't mean to be overly abrasive, I just want to clarify. It's a promo. It's an in character promo. It's a promo he was allowed freedom to cut on his own, in his own words. That's not a shoot though. A shoot is a shoot and a work is a work. If he just went off and said some outlandish shit that wasn't cleared on a live mic, that's a shoot. This is just a promo. Tons of storylines nowadays use internet fans' perceptions of things to create angles that have a thread of truth in them. They're still angles though.
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  15. Jojo: "How do you think Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon will co-exist?"
    Cesaro: "I don't really care."
    Work or not, I loved hearing that.

    Also, if they were actually claiming SmackDown was going to be the "wrestling" show, then they REALLY screwed up the draft.
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  16. The "pipebomb" was the bait for you to click on this thread and listen to the promo. :cesaro:
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  17. :hutz:

    I respect that :obama:
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  18. This. I only came to ask if OP knew the difference between one shoot called "the Pipebomb" and every other shoot ever, before and after.

    Cesaro is uppermid card and has a chance at it, but ME? Nah.
  19. A shoot promo is any promo that is unscripted. There are multiple "levels" to a shoot, with this being the simplest one. A promo that is improvised.
    When most people think of a shoot they think of two people starting to legitimately fight each other, or throw actual insults towards one another. But that is not the only definition of a shoot.

    This was a shoot promo. A very professionally done one. But a shoot none the less. A shoot promo can be used as part of a storyline no problem.

    The professional definition of shoot is when you freestyle/improvise to advance the story. But fans mostly focus on the disruptive version of the term.
  20. False hope and "click bait" is a trade secret used by monopolist to take over markets, like newspapers adding it to websites to take ad-revenue and draw out readers. He's a CIA informant, and you fell for his shtick.

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