Cesaro's twitter hacked

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CFCrusader, Feb 16, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Found this picture, went to Cesaro's account and turns out someone hacked it to try and get #PushCesaro trending.

    IMO, Cesaro needs to be pushed but this is a bit of a waste. Probably won't do anything, but hey, we can try, I guess? :sad:And hopefully Cesaro won't be punished for this, that would just be stupid.
  2. Ahh, all those tweets have been deleted now. But anyways... #PushCesaro
  3. To push superstars who we are in favour of, we should hack them? :zayn:

    Superstars can't catch a break this year. First Rollins now this...
  4. I wonder if the guy who hacked Cesaro is the same one who hacked Angle all those times.
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  5. I'm going to say some of these people don't actually run their twitter accounts and instead have a PR team doing it and some of them got fired and decided to get some revenge.. Idk that's a pretty wild accusation but hey it could be true.
  6. What no nudes? :okay:
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  7. You would.
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  8. Well, they could "catch a break" if they'd simply set stronger passwords on their accounts. I would lay my life that they got hacked simply because they some half-hearted, lazy ass password that a child could figure out. The hacker logs in and makes them look silly....could've been solved by having a stronger password. It always baffles me when celebrities get hacked. If I was on WWE's IT team, I would enforce that all superstars, especially because they're known worldwide, set really strong passwords for all their accounts. This would resolve about 99% of leaked photos, etc., that get exposed to the internet. Very seldom do you see a company get hacked, they access people's accounts, and then do embarrassing things with guys like Rollins and Cesaro. What you see is individual, targeted attacks, with hackers figuring out one accounts password and username and then, bam! They leak shit all over the place.

    I'm not condoning the hacking that took place or ever does take place....but, sometimes, you're kind of asking for it. :rollins2:
  9. Funny how this was posted shortly after he had to host the after hours thing on Total Divas. Hacked my ass.
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  10. Plot twist: The account wasn't hacked and posted all those things, it was Cesaro himself. lol
  11. It'd be awesome if this was all a work of some kind. I seem to remember Cesaro cutting a quasi-shoot promo several weeks ago about being held back before being cut off by Barrett on the night that Barrett returned and it'd be cool if this was a bigger and better attempt at that. I know a lot of these tweets break kayfabe, but this could just be to get people talking. I could see Michael Cole and the other geeks bringing up on commentary tonight about how Cesaro went off and vented his frustrations with the company on Twitter earlier today. Of course, it would likely mean the end of his team with Tyson Kidd, but it's not like I'm that invested in them as a team anyway.
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