Chael Sonnen on Austin training.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 13, 2012.

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  1. I honestly think if Chael came to WWE, he'd be the best on the mic...

    But yeah anyway this is a funny interview.
  2. [yt][/yt]

    I can listen to this for days.
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  3. I'm rofling

    217 of muscle steal and sex appeal

    not cool that he hates on Wanderlei so much though. Silva is a fucking legend that has done 10 X more in MMA than Sonnen will ever dream of doing


    Little Nog feeding a bus a carrot lmfao. Oh lawd
  4. Obligatory off-topic post from me: :sonnen:.

    Btw, you're welcome, no problem.
  5. Lmfao ikr.

    I don't know much about Silva but I watched the fight between him and Sonnen and Sonnen definitely deserved the win imo. I think he's grossly overrated if people generally think he's the best pound for pound fighter in MMA.

    Sonnen on Brazil just makes me cry. "I done my research, I was talking smack about Brazil on the internet, I didn't know they actually had computers there?" lmfao.
  6. How did he deserve the win? He tapped out. He dominated for 4 rounds and then got caught; doesn't matter if he was up on judges score cards, he got finished. He has been tapped out in 8 of his 11 losses, 4 of those 8 submissions were triangle chokes. His jiu jitsu is crap, and he pays for it all the time. He is a great wrestler, that's it.

    As far as Silva goes, he is the longest reigning UFC champion in history with more title defenses than anyone. He is not only the p4p best fighter in the world, he is in the top 2 all time along with Fedor. So yea, don't judge Anderson on one fight against Chael and the propaganda trash talk you hear Chael talking. Silva has way more impressive wins in his career than Chael does.

    Chael Sonnen: 27-11. Best wins: Paulo Filho (who he also has a loss to), Yushin Okamai (who Silva has beaten), Nate Marquardt (he won by decision, Silva KO'd him), Brian Stann, & Michael Bisbing
    Anderson Silva- 31-4. Best wins: Hayoato Sakurai (Japanese legend with 36 career wins), Rich Franklin twice by KO (was the undisputed best 185 lb fighter in the world before Silva showed up), Dan Henderson (Top 10 All time MMA fighter,Silva choked him out) Forrest Griffin (Former Champion at 205 lbs.. Silva embarrassed him, KO'd him), Chael Sonnen (choked him out), Vitor Belfort (KO)

    Common opponents: Jeremy Horn: Sonnen lost twice, Silva won. Forrest Griffin: Sonnen lost, Silva won. Damian Maia: Silva embarrassed, Sonnen was choked out.

    There is no comparing Silva & Sonnen.
  7. What's Silva's most impressive wins? All I hear is that Silva ducks fights from those who have beat him and beats guys who anyone can beat. I'm not a UFC expert so I don't know I'm just going on what I've heard from the chat show hosts and stuff.

    And yeah, he tapped him, but let's say that didn't happen and it went on cards, Chael would have one, agreed? If you're calling Silva the best p4p fighter in the world, surely Sonnen is in the top 3 if he "dominated for 4 rounds and got caught". In theory, all Chael had to do in the last was duck and hide and be completely cautious for 5 minutes, then he would have won on decision and rightfully so, does that make Chael the best fighter in the world then? I see you slate him all the time for being average but he dominated your top guy, that logic makes no sense at all mate.
  8. I edited my post. You only hear that from Chael who is only playing a character shit talking Silva. Sonnen in reality knows how great Silva is.

    No, Chael is not top 3. He's probably a top 3 MW, but that's it. He gets caught all the damn time, it wasn't just some fluke.

    I don't call Chael average, he just is A.) boring and B.) not well rounded at all. He is great at one thing, wrestling. I get that listening to him talk is entertaining, but if you are actually taking the things he says seriously you need to reexamine things lol
  9. You still haven't answered the question though. This is how I read it:

    "Silva is the best ever, he's so good, Chael is a good wrestler that's it. Chael dominated Silva for 4 rounds but got caught."

    If he didn't get caught, IE, if he done a Condit and started running, he would have beat Silva. What would you say then? He beat the top dog, but not only beat him, "dominated" him. That's why I believe Chael is definitely more than trash talking.
  10. He didn't beat the top dog. He lost. If you can't defend submissions you aren't elite. As I said it wasn't some one time occurrence. Sonnen has 11 losses, 8 by submission, half of those are triangle chokes.

    He is very good, a top 3 guy in the world at 185 pounds. He isn't a chump, but he isn't on anyone's top 10 p4p list.
  11. You still haven't answered. IF he hid in that last round and WASN'T caught. He would have won because as you said, he dominated Silva for 4 rounds, multiple take downs. If that happened, what would you say then? If he beat the best ever.
  12. I would say that was a great performance and a great win. He would be the champion, and I would still favor Silva in the upcoming rematch.

    What if Man City hadn't scored two goals in stoppage time? Man U would be the champs. But City did, so united is not. I don't care for meaningless hypothetical scenarios. You get tapped out, you lost. What happened leading up to it doesn't mean dick. I think you have been legitimately brain washed by Sonnen.
  13. Completely irrelevant. Sonnen could have done a Condit, and hid, and won. That's what I'm saying. City are no where near the best team in the world, I'm not claiming them to be.

    I'm just saying the gap between them, like you (from the sounds of it) believe there is, isn't that big because of how close it was last time. Chael lost yeah, he got tapped, but if he done a Condit and avoided him and played it completely safe, he could have won and beat the best of all time. The fact he dominated him speaks volumes. If I didn't watch any Chael match and actually look around, I would have read what you said and believed Chael to be a completely amateur MMA guy who speaks absolute bs. But that's not true in my opinion.
  14. Okay. Keep ignoring what I'm saying. Me saying he is top 3 in his weight class somehow equates to me saying he is a bum.

    He does speak BS. It's hilarious, it's entertaining, but he is playing a character. He's great at it, but he isn't saying things that he believes are true. He has 11 losses on his record. How would he say things like "I've never lost one minute of any fight that I've ever been in" and things like that? come on
  15. I'm going through your previous posts on him, not the current ones after I called you out on it. That's all.

    All I'm saying is he's a lot closer to Silva than I think you think he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he did beat Silva in their rematch, I also wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.
  16. It wouldn't be shocking if he won, but he is the underdog and rightfully so. You aren't basing your opinion on anything other than the Silva/Sonnen fight, which I'm assuming is the only Sonnen or Silva fight you've seen.

    Hell, a lot of people thought Sonnen lost to Bisbing in his last fight, it was a very close decision.

    And again, I never said he was a bum. I said he was boring to watch and one dimensional. Both things are true.
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