News Chael Sonnen wants to buy the WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Lmao
  2. The dude's obviously been hit on the head a few too many times. Silly Chael is silly.
  3. I don't even watch MMA and I love this guy, lmfao.:tyson:
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  4. Chael is hilarious. love him.
  5. If Chael buys WWE maybe he makes it MMA company, that's something I wouldn't like to see, also, if he buys it but doesn't change anything maybe we start watching good matches
  6. He'd be an incredible GM, imagine him coming in as the one to "control" Brock during the summer as the only GM who'd dare stand up to him. Damn H took that story already for the past year.
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  7. I don't care for this guy. Granted, I don't watch MMA or UFC or whatever but I've seen videos of him and his trash talking that people seem to love and wasn't impressed.
  8. Isn't he Punk's friend or something?
  9. Yeah they're pretty close, and remarkably similar in my opinion. Chael is basically a UFC fighter, and a famous one too. The best trash talker in MMA history by a mile.

    Worth a watch.
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  10. inb4ChaelBuysImpactWrestling

  11. hahahaha
  12. lmao
  13. Lol Jon Jones was talking about how big of a trash talker Chael is. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Punk's corner at a PPV.
  14. Ya that'd be cool, I still see him being involved with Brock too somehow. Say it was Punk w/ Chael vs Brock w/ Heyman and they ran a story of Chael training Punk into the MMA mindset.

    Also apparently Chael spent a bit of time in the old WCW powerplant, I didn't know that.

    Did you consider becoming a professional wrestler?
    “Yeah, when I was in college, I didn’t graduate college until 2001, I became an All-American in 1998 and right after that I went out to the WCW, what they had at that time was called a Power Plant and there was a try out, it was an extremely difficult tryout, it was three days and boy it was hard, only two of us made it, me and a gentleman from Jamaica. And we got invited to comeback and I said, “Well, look, I’m going to go finish college,” and they said, “Well, you only have to do tryout, once you get invited the invite’s good for life essentially.’ So, I was going to return after I graduated in 2001, well by then they had shut down, the WCW had folded up and no longer was in existence.”
  15. The last time Chael invested in a company didn't he end up in court for tax fraud or something?
  16. Wasn't it mortgage fraud?
  17. Somekind of fraud at least.
  18. Ya it was morgage just read up on it (something to do with he was selling a house and got the buyers to pay for uneeded repair work through his mum's company or some shit.) also this made me lol "Weeks before that fight, Sonnen pulled out as a candidate for Oregon House District 37. Sonnen, a political novice, entered and won the Republican primary. But he ended his campaign with oblique references to legal problems."

    What a legend.
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  19. Laughing at the fact that he even thinks the company would be sold to anyone who isn't a McMahon.

    When Vince kicks the bucket, Stephanie will probably take over.

    Rather scary, tbh.
  20. Triple H and Steph will both inherit it, and from the way things are looking, HHH will be more of the creative side and Stephanie more of the business side, which sounds promising to me. The scariest thought of all is if something happens between HHH and Stephanie and they split/get divorced. Then she's all left to run the company on her own. At that point, the only hope left is if Shane decides to make a return to his family's company and help Steph run things.
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