Chairs and Stairs matches: Hows it work?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 13, 2014.

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  1. Cause I'm wondering. I mean - a ladder match has the belt/briefcase suspended above the ring (or the rare pinfall only version) which requires one to get said belt/briefcase to win. And a table match is won by putting your opponent through a table. Any table.

    But is there any special victory mechanic in these matches? Or are the stairs and chairs matches at TLC just fancy ways of saying it's a No DQ match? Cause thats pretty weak creatively IMO
  2. They're pretty much limited DQ matches, if that makes any sense. The people involved are only allowed to use the weapon that the match is centered around. So, Harper and Show can only use the steel steps as weapons. Anything else will cause a DQ. The same goes for Kane and Ryback, the only weapons that they can use are the steel chairs.
  3. I guess that makes sense but it would be cool if the weapons had to be used in the pin some way
  4. Yeah, it should logically mean that as far as illegal objects go, if it's a 'Chairs Match', then only steel chairs can be used, and if it's a 'Stairs' Match, then only the steel steps can be used. The use of any other objects should result in an automatic disqualification.

    Then again, this is the WWE, so you can never be too sure. Case in point: Undertaker and Brock Lesnar fought in a Biker Chain Match back at No Mercy 2003, where the object of the match was to climb a pole and yank down a Biker Chain that was hanging there and then use it on your opponent. Technically, you'd think this meant it was the only illegal object that you were allowed to use, but then in the late stages of the match, FBI interferes on Brock's behalf and he doesn't get disqualified. Similarly, Taker whacks Lesnar over the skull with a steel chair at one point I'm pretty sure and doesn't get disqualified either, which makes me wonder why the hell they would even bother going for a chain dangling on a pole in the first place when they could just as easily grab any other object right there at ringside.
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  5. Chairs and Stairs match. lol That is beyond lame.
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