Challenge to Gohan and Crayo

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. This is an open challenge to @Crayo and Gohan. Promo vs. Promo. The rules are simple: I write my own promo, and Gohan writes his. But unlike the IWT, the man who will have to choose the winner, is going to be @Crayo. He is the referee and the judge for this match. Crayo will have to chose which promo was better, mine or Gohan's.


    *Loud Laugh*

    Oh, Crayo, Crayo, Crayo. I can't believe that you, YOU, put someone 'Mr. I Can't Type', Gohan, to be a moderator in the WWEForums. I can't even begin to tell you how strange this is, how confused am I, how over the top this is. I mean, can you imagine Gohan telling someone the reason why his banned?

    'YOU BAN! NO BULLSHIT MORE! BAN! :pipebomb:'

    And that would be it. I am really trying to understand the thought process in your mind, when you chose Gohan, of all people. Gohan is a douchebag. I mean 'Frank The Jock'? That's laughable. Gohan will forever be a self-important, self-serving, none important, little warm. And yet, despite all of this, he was chosen to be a moderator. Either Crayo was drunk, or maybe just smoked out, it doesn't matter to me. Crayo should apologize to each and ever person on here that can't stand Gohan. Crayo needs to apologize to guys like @Danielson and @StopSpot for putting over someone like Gohan, who still has this imagination that he is equal to CM Punk.

    It's beyond me, it's beyond the forums, why you chose Gohan. But this is not much about you as it has much to do with Mr. Retard himself, Gohan. I don't want to go on a loop here, but I know you can't handle the forums. I know fair and square that someone like you can't even handle his own penis. So here's the thing, since you became a large member of the forums, and you think you are now 'TAKING OVER', I have to blow that imaginary bubble you created. No, you aren't taking over anything. You will forever be remembered as the guy who's 'video promos' are so bad, that he has the whole forums laughing about it.

    You'll be forever remember as the guy who can't spell. Who thinks his spelling so awesome, that he can 'pipebomb' his way in here. Well, guess what? I am 100%, no... 200% positive that if CM Punk ever saw how you write here, and use his trademark pipebomb, he would kick you in the skull, and give you two Go To Sleeps.

    You can call yourself the lord, as your mindless minions call you, but for me you are not the lord. The Lord is high in heavens, and even he laughs at your sorry ass. Feel free to cut a promo, shoot a promo, film a promo. You will NEVER get good at it, no matter how hard you try. Your life calls you, and your life wants a refund.

    Now let's see what you got for me, Mr. Gohan.
  2. I like your promo
  3. Are you really butthurt over this or are you kayfabbing?
  4. What's the point of this?
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  5. Kayfabe. :otunga:


    A challenge to @Crayo and Gohan.
  6. :park:
  7. Where is the challenge then?
  8. :burns:
  9. Promo vs. Promo. The rules are simple: I write my own promo, and Gohan writes his.
  10. Don't quote all that for that answer :otunga:
  11. Beware coherency.
  12. Exactly. You Vs. Gohan. What challenge?
  13. :george:


  14. :haha:
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  16. I don't promo unless u have title i going after.
  17. What would CM Punk do?:pity:
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