Elimination Chamber Chamber News: Major Decision Made Last Minute, History Made

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  1. - Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event was the first time since the show’s inception back in 2009 that neither the WWE title or World Heavyweight title changed hands.

    - Headed into Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, WWE officials reportedly weren’t sure if CM Punk would be keeping the WWE title. The decision was made sometime this weekend to have Punk win the match.

    - Santino received strong praise backstage for his work last night at the pay-per-view. Beth Phoenix and Tamina, who complimented each other on Twitter after their match, also got a lot great feedback from WWE agents after their match.

    Some of the WWE terms trending worldwide last night during Elimination Chamber were John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, The Great Khali, Teddy Long, Mark Henry, and Kofi Kingston.
  2. Still pissed about Punk retaining. Where does the storyline go from here?
  3. There's a video on WWE's YT channel with Punk after the match, interviewer saying that Jericho will now want a match at Mania and punk said that he's open to all challenges for a match at Mania.

    I guess we'll find out tonight. :emoji_grin:
  4. Why was The Great Khali trending? He was probably eliminated within a minute or two.
  5. They need to stop making last minute decisions, learn to book in advance.
  6. Theres this video about Chris Jericho which makes you reconsider that this storyline will go somewhere.
  7. It happens at nearly every PPV.Jericho was the Rumble winner until around 1 week before the Rumble.It's crazy.
    Politics rules the company.

    Probably people saying either: 'Why is The Great Khali trending' or 'The Great Khali sucks.'
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