Champion vs Champion match tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Both will , Ziggler gets ADR counted out to build this anti Axel gimmick he has before Henry sneaks up on people (he's surprisingly fleet footed for a 400 pounder)
  2. Still looking forward to it, these two had an awesome match when they faced on SD a few months ago.
  3. Not like Big Show though. The amount of backstage sneak-attack KO punches we see on SmackDown is crazy. Guy is light on his very large feet.
  4. Big Show is a god damn ninja.
  5. ...And this will lead to a tag team match next week between Cena/Ziggler and Del Rio/Henry. Although something tells me Henry might not be wrestling until MITB.
  6. Which would be wise.

    Ziggler/ADR is the one feud that needs a fucking mic segment. Have them have a face off where Ziggler can TALK for a while. He needs to let the crowd know what type of guy he is now, as none of us have any idea what his character is atm.
  7. God let him get some of his fast talking and catchphrases out like he used on WWE download. They were sort of shit but he made me love them :yes:
  8. The promos he cut on Ryder's YouTube series were dope as hell.
  9. Could be interesting I suppose. Don't expect a clean finish, at a low chance maybe Ziggler or Henry will show up after the match, but I highly doubt so.

  10. Think I've seen a couple of them.

    Seriously though, how awesome would it be if he started doing shit like this? Corny but the crowd would eat it up IMO

  11. "Best thing in wrestling since John Cena took a monday off!"
    huehuehue :dawg:
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