Champion vs. Champion on WWE Main Event!

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  1. Champion vs. Champion on WWE Main Event!


    WWE Main Event debuts this Wednesday on ION Television. The hour-long program will feature in-ring action, commentary, exclusive behind-the-scenes content and continue to build on the events of Monday Night Raw, leading directly into Friday Night SmackDown, making Wednesday night appointment viewing for the WWE Universe.

    Don’t miss the huge featured contest – Champion vs. Champion – on the debut on WWE Main Event this Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012 at 8/7 p.m. CT.

    Use the channel finder to find ION Television in your area.

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  2. First time the bot beat me to the thread.
  3. Going to laugh if CM Punk leaves again :haha:
  4. Sheamus will win. He's the Superman of WWE.
  5. Of course they do a big match for the debut. In a month or so we'll be back to Ryder vs Mahal.
  6. No we'll see Ryback vs Matt Striker after the 2nd week :shock:
  7. Let's go SHeamus!
  8. 8 minute match with Punk getting DQ'd.
  9. WAIT I posted the match then :shock:
  10. @[leojay] Actually the ion network is demanding them using top tier talent on this show. They want it to draw ratings so WWE has it as a part of its contract that this show doesn't become another superstars
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