Champions League 2012-13 Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Y2J Enigma, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. So the first day is tomorrow, I believe. :win::yes:

    Man City and Real Madrid should be a slobberknocker. I'm looking forward to Dortmund taking on Ajax, too.
  2. Hoping Madrid beat City, United demolish Galatasary and Arsenal win. Gotta love the CL season though.
  3. Hoping we win against Real, but can't see it. Don't care about the other teams.
  4. Real Madrid vs Manchester City tonight, I assume you'll be watching people?
  5. Of course :boss1:
  6. You sir are a :boss1: will be a good game if "The Right" City turn up.
  7. Which other English club plays today? Chelsea?

    I hope City do turn up as I'd love the Champions of Spain to play the Champions of England with both being on form, it's fascinating.
  8. We can only hope brother, and I'm not sure which other team plays, I don't even know what other games are, I'm just focused on this one, and I'm hoping for a good battle from both teams.
  9. Well I'm hoping Madrid crush City personally :pity:.

    Best defender in the world - Ramos
    2nd best player in the world - Ronaldo
    2nd best creative midfielder in the world - Ozil
    Another top top top top creative midfielder - Modric

    Hala Madrid <3
  10. Well I personally hope that RVP breaks his nose. :pity:

    :dawg: :haha:
  12. HELL NO BROTHER. :bury:
  13. Do you know when the like pre-show starts? When the actual program starts? Cba to walk to other side of the room and go to TV guide.
  14. 1 minute.. I'll check down stairs...

    - Starts at 7:30PM on ITV1 and kick-off is at 7:45PM
  15. Fuck ITV1? ADRIAN?

  16. Yes Adrian, don't know who his guests are gonna' be Vieira and ?
  17. Keane is the only good one -.-

    Actually Dixon is cool
  18. Ah yeah, I forgot about Dixon. Top lad. City fan.


    Where are your awards.? :shock:


    Our team Hart; Maicon, Kompany, Clichy, Nastasic, Nasri, Javi Garcia, Barry, David Silva, YaYa Toure, Tevez
  19. Accidentally timed it so I don't have to listen to Chiles' awful pre-match chatter.

    City could get something out of this, Madrid have been weak in the league and City will undoubtedly be solid at the back.
  20. Hopefully.
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