Champions League Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. I turned it on JUST as they scored. Wow.

    Bayern 1 - 0 Barca
  2. Did Gomez get the goal? :boss:
  3. No it was Mueller.
  4. My sources indicate that Gomez was the one who created the goal, though.
  5. Not too sure on that one. Gomez just got booked though.
  6. No. That was Dante

    Gomez sucks. Get over it.
  7. Downing had a better chance of creating that goal than Gomez.
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  8. You're being so hurtful today Crayo :sad:
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  9. God damn you, must be the only Downing mark in the world :tough:
  10. I'm sexually frustrated. I need some R'Albin.
  11. Hell no. Downing > Messi
  12. Don't speak to me about being sexually frustrated. Try being me :gary:

    Nah, he's only great because he plays in such an amazing Liverpool side. He wouldn't do well anywhere else.
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  13. Half time now so go find Crayo and take your sexual frustration out on him and return for the second half happy? :jbl:
  14. I would, but sadly Cornwall is 33849335 miles from the rest of the universe so I wouldn't make it back for the second half :sad:
  15. Mario Gomez is absolute shit, Ryan.
  16. Use my magic carpet bro :notsure:
  17. No that's Scotland.
  18. Lol'd. Ly Ryan <3
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  19. Damn bayern playing so well
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