champions league quater finals draw

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. psg vs barcelona
    R madrid v galatasary
    Munich v juventus
    Malaga v dortmund

    Could see an upset tbh
  2. PSG could possibly beat Barca

    Madrid will run through Galatasary

    Munich/Juve is too tough to call

    I see Dortmund going through
  3. Madrid & Dortmund practically handed walkthroughs. They'll stroll through to the semis, and rightfully so. Munich/Juventus is the toughest one to call there.
  4. Dont underestimate malaga and galatasaray they beat man utd at home before they had drogba and sniejder
  5. We played a 2nd team and were already through as group winners; not the best game to judge them on lol. Malaga are decent but none of those two even compare to their opponents.
  6. Fair enough psg/barca is a tough one to call though same as juventus and munich do u know who plays who in the sf
  7. Nope I don't actually. Is it a tournament tree or is it just going to have another draw at the semis? I can't remember.

    PSG/Barca is easy to call imo. Barca all the way. PSG scraped through against Valencia and are more or less a one man team with Zlatan, and don't possess the players to "park the bus" I don't think. I think Barca could stroll it.

    Munich/Juventus though is borderline impossible to call. I'll go with Bayern.
  8. Ok its a tornement tree from now i think if it goes how i think we could have barca/madrid and dortmund/munich would love that to happen but i want juventus to win the whole thing though to complete there journey
  9. Spain vs Spain and Germany vs Germany would be a dope semi-final layout. Madrid would go through and Dortmund for me.
  10. Galatasaray LOl
    We were at class and we started shouting and laughing .
    Barca vs Munich
    Madrid vs Dortmund

    Munich vs Madrid
    Madrid .
  11. Like the matches results. Real Madrid por la decima
  12. Madrid fans are so cocky lol. Surprised after having to pay the ref to get to the quarters :troll:
  13. lol @cocky Madrid fans. This is Barca or Dortmund's year.
  14. im backing either munich or juventus i think people are slightly overestimating dortmund there not even the best team in germany this season
  15. Domestic form means nothing in the CL. Dortmund have been by far the best CL team this year. Years ago when Chelsea were the best team in Europe (era of Drogba, Makelele etc), United beat them in the league, but they had the best team in the world by far in those days, and their European dominance hindered their league form.

    Dortmund are putting all their eggs in one basket with the CL imo. Have you seen their matched this year? Breathtakingly good.
  16. Keep crying crayo


    I would prefer to face Juventus rather than Dortmund .
  17. Because Dortmund already owned you twice?
  18. Fair enough ive seen some of them they've been great tbh explains why b munich are running away with the league sticking with juventus though still there very difficult to beat which is key to winning it
  19. Yeah Juventus are tough and experienced. So hard to call Munich vs Juventus because Munich are normally solid defensively as well.
  20. Barca vs Munich
    called it
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