Champions vs All Stars Is This Sat Night!

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  1. 10/11/14 Kalamazoo, Michigan
    On Saturday, CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS returns to Ring of Honor! All four ROH champions will team together to take on four of the top ROH stars. This match pits long time rivals against each other...and also forces them to work together! It's also a chance for the ROH All Stars to step up to the current title holders...and a chance for the champions to prove why they are truly the best in the world!

    After much deliberation and evaluation, ROH officials determined who would represent the ALL STAR team. This is far from a harmonious group of athletes. But they're going to have to work as a team in Kalamazoo!

    - Mark Briscoe: Mark Briscoe is an ROH legend and record holding tag team champion. But every time he's held the World Tag Team Titles, he's done it at the side of his older brother, Jay...who is the current ROH World Champion! That means the Briscoes will be on opposite sides of the ring from each other, an exceedingly rare occurrence. But these two have gone to war against each other in the past. Mark obviously supports his brother as World Champion. But he also has his own legacy to consider. Outlasting the Champions in this match will prove that Mark Briscoe deserves new opportunities for himself...and prove to his older brother that ANYONE in ROH could be gunning for his title!

    - ACH: Long hailed as the future of ROH, ACH has been pitted against Jay Lethal in a battle for the TV Title. One of the most exciting and innovative athletes in the history of Ring of Honor, ACH always has the crowd in his corner wherever he unleashes his unique style. But he's yet to hold a title in ROH. He knows he's right on the cusp of something truly great - you can tell from his increased intensity and focus against men like Jay Lethal. ACH has earned his position as one of the All Stars of ROH and a victory in Kalamazoo might be exactly what he needs to keep him in title contention.

    - Roderick Strong: An ROH mainstay. Triple Crown Champion. Seemingly obsessed with loyalty and respect, Strong was an obvious representative of the All Star side of Ring of Honor. While sometimes his notions of "honor" seem a bit twisted, Roderick Strong has virtually given his life to ROH. Roderick Strong IS Ring of Honor - and he'll never let anyone forget that.

    - Adam Cole: His rise through ROH and professional wrestling has been virtually unparalleled. Still so young in years, Adam Cole has already accomplished more than most athletes even dream of. And with his rise to prominence came a change in attitude and an edge that continues to sharpen. Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Adam Cole has become one of the biggest successes in ROH. Last year, he held the title of World Champion during this eight man tag. This year, he might not be wearing gold...but Cole will be the first to remind you it's only a matter of time before he reclaims "his" championship. There's never been any doubt that Adam Cole would become a star, but today he is a Ring of Honor ALL STAR.

    And opposing the ALL STARS stand four men who currently hold the gold in ROH: World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly), World Television Champion Jay Lethal, and ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. And just like the ALL STARS, this team is comprised of men who are not exactly used to playing well with others. They're going to have to figure out a way to coexist on October 11th when CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS returns!

    In addition to the gigantic CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS Eight Man Tag, Kalamazoo will see The Addiction in action LIVE! But for the first time since they came to ROH as a team, Frankie Kazarian and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels will NOT be joining forces. Instead, each member of The Addiction will see some much-anticipated singles action!

    - "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Cedric Alexander

    Although his most recent tenure in ROH has just begun, Christopher Daniels is one of the Ring of Honor originals. In fact, he main evented the very first ROH event over a decade ago. His past will always be synonymous with ROH - and now he's back to shape the future!

    But you can't talk about "future" without mentioning Cedric Alexander. Recently, Cedric has been taking on all the top stars of ROH like Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and more. Win or lose, he's stealing shows every night and showing the world why he is the future of professional wrestling. Cedric Alexander has earned the respect of his peers and his fans through hard work, dedication - and undeniable natural talent.

    Now in Kalamazoo, an ROH original takes on one of the hottest new ROH stars: "THE FALLEN ANGEL" CHRISTOPHER DANIELS VS. CEDRIC ALEXANDER! This is a match fans have been asking for ever since "The Fallen Angel" returned - and October 11th is the first time Daniels will be back in singles action. You can't miss it! For tickets to CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS, click HERE!

    - Frankie Kazarian vs. Jimmy Jacobs

    And on the very same night that Christopher Daniels battles Cedric Alexander, the other half of The Addiction will also be in singles competition. But Frankie Kazarian will have his hands full with a very different sort of ROH star: JIMMY JACOBS!

    Since the moment The Addiction stepped into ROH, Jacobs and The Decade have taken issue with them. The Decade believes that for far too long, athletes have abandoned ROH when new opportunities came along. They always come running back... and ROH is far too forgiving of their "betrayal." The Addiction's very first ROH match was a World Tag Team Title shot against reDRagon, an opportunity Jimmy Jacobs did not think they deserved. Obviously, The Decade - especially Jimmy Jacobs - have a huge problem with the attention and accolades heaped on Daniels and Kazarian.

    After interfering in The Addiction's tag matches and vocalizing his grievances to anyone and everyone, Jimmy Jacobs gets his chance to put up or shut up in Kalamazoo! In recent weeks, it seems like arguments within the ranks of The Decade has plagued Jacobs. But this is an opportunity for him to make an example out of Frankie Kazarian. Meanwhile Kazarian is out to prove he's here to stay - and here to dominate ROH as a team AND on his own!

    - BJ Whitmer vs. Will Ferrara

    Jimmy Jacob's partner in The Decade, BJ Whitmer, will also be in singles action in Kalamazoo. But he'll be taking on one of the very newest young prospects in ROH, Will Ferrara. Ferrara might be unfamiliar to ROH audiences right now, but it's what you don't see that's making the difference. Week after week, Will Ferrara trains at the ROH Dojo and shapes his craft. He's been an impressive standout at every ROH camp and that's what earned him a spot in the recent Honor Rumble. Shockingly, he managed to eliminate Jay Lethal and earn himself a TV Title opportunity.
    Of course, BJ Whitmer has an issue with this young upstart rocketing through ROH too quickly. And he's ready to beat a little humility into Will Ferrara this Saturday in Kalamazoo! Whitmer and The Decade are obsessed with maintaining what they feel is the proper pecking order in wrestling, and it looks like Ferrara has some dues to pay. But BJ Whitmer would be ill advised to take this match lightly. The next generation of stars is ready to shine!

    ** Due to a conflict Michael Elgin will not appear in Kalamazoo as originally reported yesterday.**

    For tickets to CHAMPIONS VS ALL STARS, click HERE!

    Saturday, October 11th, 2014
    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents:

    Wings Stadium Annex
    3600 Vanrick Dr
    Kalamazoo Township, MI 49001
    Bell Time 7:30 EST

    ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon & ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini
    Adam Cole, Mark Briscoe, Roderick Strong & ACH

    "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Cedric Alexander

    Frankie Kazarian vs. The Decade's Jimmy Jacobs

    Will Ferrara vs. The Decade's BJ Whitmer

    Signed to Appear:
    - Michael Bennett & Maria Kanellis
    - Tadarius Thomas
    - Plus More

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