CHAMPIONS vs ALL STARS - October 11th in Kalamazoo

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    Ring of Honor's champions represent the peak of competition in professional wrestling. And every single athlete who earns his way into ROH does so with one goal in mind: to be a champion. As part of a tag team, or representing the Television Title, or even standing tall as the World Champion, to hold a title in ROH means you have joined an elite club of the best wrestlers on the planet. But biting at the heels of these champions you'll find a line of contenders who are just 3 seconds away from taking those titles for their own. Some are former champions themselves. Some are right on the edge of greatness. They are the All Stars.

    A few weeks ago, ROH announced that last year's amazing Champions vs. All Stars eight man tag match would be returning on October 11th in Kalamazoo! At that time, we knew who would stand on the Champions team - as long as they retained their titles - but now we can confirm who will represent the All Stars.

    - Mark Briscoe: Mark Briscoe is an ROH legend and record holding tag team champion. But every time he's held the World Tag Team Titles, he's done it at the side of his older brother, Jay...who is the current ROH World Champion! That means the Briscoes will be on opposite sides of the ring from each other, an exceedingly rare occurrence. These two have gone to war against each other in the past. Mark obviously supports his brother as World Champion, but he also has his own legacy to consider. Outlasting the Champions in this match will prove that Mark Briscoe deserves new opportunities for himself...and prove to his older brother that ANYONE in ROH could be gunning for his title!

    - ACH: Long hailed as the future of ROH, ACH has been pitted against Jay Lethal in a battle for the TV Title. One of the most exciting and innovative athletes in the history of Ring of Honor, ACH always has the crowd in his corner wherever he unleashes his unique style. But he's yet to hold a title in ROH. He knows he's right on the cusp of something truly great - you can tell from his increased intensity and focus against men like Jay Lethal. ACH has earned his position as one of the All Stars of ROH and a victory in Kalamazoo might be exactly what he needs to keep him in title contention.

    - Roderick Strong: An ROH mainstay. Triple Crown Champion. Seemingly obsessed with loyalty and respect, Strong was an obvious representative of the All Star side of Ring of Honor. While sometimes his notions of "honor" seem a bit twisted, Roderick Strong has virtually given his life to ROH. Roderick Strong IS Ring of Honor - and he'll never let anyone forget that.

    - Adam Cole: His rise through ROH and professional wrestling has been virtually unparalleled. Still so young in years, Adam Cole has already accomplished more than most athletes even dream of. And with his rise to prominence came a change in attitude and an edge that continues to sharpen. Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Adam Cole has become one of the biggest successes in ROH. Last year, he held the title of World Champion during this eight man tag. This year, he might not be wearing gold...but Cole will be the first to remind you it's only a matter of time before he reclaims "his" championship. There's never been any doubt that Adam Cole would become a star, but today he is a Ring of Honor ALL STAR.

    And opposing the ALL STARS stand four men who currently hold the gold in ROH: World Tag Team Champions reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly), World Television Champion Jay Lethal, and ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. This team is far from set in stone! As we saw at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, titles can change at any time in ROH - and that's why Jay Briscoe stands on the Champions team today. But with the Honor Rumble and its title shot reward lined up for this weekend, we could have a new World Champion. Interestingly, Roderick Strong has a tag title opportunity this weekend in Wheeling. If he dethrones reDRagon, he'll surely join the Champions team...and his All Star spot is up for grabs!

    In Kalamazoo, it's eight of the best in the world in one huge match! You need to stick with for all the updates on this and the ROH title scene. For tickets to CHAMPIONS VS. ALL STARS, click HERE.

    Saturday, October 11th, 2014
    Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents:

    Wings Stadium Annex
    3600 Vanrick Dr
    Kalamazoo Township, MI 49001
    Bell Time 7:30 EST

    Signed to Appear:
    - The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
    - Cedric Alexander
    - Plus More

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