Championship Belt Thread *unofficially official*

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Rules:
    1. You can only claim one belt.
    2. First come first serve.
    3. If you no longer want a belt, post here and it will be let free into the wild.
    4. Tag Team Belts can be taken by two people if they both agree on it.


    WWE Champ - Seabs
    World Heavyweight Champ - Stopspot
    Intercontinental Champ - Tyson Kidd
    US Champ - ColeMinor
    Cruiserweight Champ - Asskicker
    Hardcore Champ - Pedobear
    Women's Champ - wwerulesrkolover23
    Divas Champ - mark_htfc
    United Tag Team Champs Belts - Crayo & Xanth
    Million Dollar Belt - Y2J Enigma
    ECW Champ Belt - Open
    ECW World Heavyweight Champ - Farooq
    WCW World Title - Acallier
    ECW TV Title - Jonathan
    Internet Champ - Jose Tortilla
    European Champ - Rob Van Dam

    Go, my minions, go!
    If you have more ideas for belts or I forgot some, tell me.
  2. WOMAN'S CHAMP! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  3. I think the WWE and WHC title should be on hold for the member of the month to choose one, then the other one can be open, and I was kidding about the double titles XD
  4. I guess i will have US
  5. Also the other belts that I think can be added are:
    WCW World title
    ECW TV title
  6. I added wwerkorules whatever and Cole Minor and those belts Farooq.
  7. I want the knockouts title!

  8. :dafuq:
  9. If I get mu mums dresses out can I apply for the Divas Belt? :haha:
  10. Hardcore! :gusta:
  11. Me and @[Pedobear] for tagvteam championship? You fancy it Peds?
  13. Divas champ plz.
  14. I guess I am WHC since I am the MOTM. #GMOTMTEL
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  15. That's mine bitch :Ginger:
  17. You're the bell keeper and that's the bottom line.
  18. I'll take the Million Dollar Title. :jeritroll:
  19. Updated.
  20. Cruiserweight champ here!
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