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    A camera is showing a locker room back stage and the feet of a WWEF Precision Superstar, the boots are clearly that of Tony Stark, he Stands up and the camera begin following the feet, like something from a horror film, they follow Tony to the gorilla section of the arena. The camera slowly pans up to Tonys face and he say,' My time for gold will soon be upon us' as the camera follows him out to the stage and his music begins to play

    The crowd begin to cheer and once again Tony stands on the stage drinking in the audience reaction. He approaches the ring with a focused look on his face, he walks to the ring alot quicker than normal and more determined. He gets in the ring gets a mic and sits on a steel chair that he set up in the ring. He begins to speak

    Cut, cut, I said cut the music... Thank you darlings. So let's get right down to business, If you have been looking at the Precision Website you'll know I'm in a fatal 4 way match against Rhys Haze, Andersen Vega and Chris Young, in my opinion 3 of the top tier talents we have here. However adding me to the mix makes it a whole different story, we will have the match of our lives out there, why? You ask. Well because everyone of us want that European Championship and to prove that we are better than the next guy. I have respect for all those guys, and I hope I've earnt theirs back.
    The crowd cheer and begin to chant, once again Tony stands up if the chair and poses for the crowd, which gets a huge response of flashing cameras and cheers.
    You know we all want the European Championship but I want it that one millimeter more, if you ain't aware of the draft coming up. I would love to carry that title into the draft whether it's Team Buster Gates or Team Ryan Blake, I don't care but it will the title to where it belongs around my waist
    The crowd are going nuts as they have watched Tony progress in WWEF and alot of people are gunning for him to win.
    Let's talk about the 4 way.
    The crowd begin to laugh as Tony left such a long pause
    No, not that 4 way, the match, and I haven't had a 4 way, eurghhh whatever.
    Anyyyywayyyyy let's talk about the match, Rhys I have beaten once or twice I know what it takes and I will

    Before he can finish his sentence he is cut of by familiar music
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  2. The crowd continue to cheer upon the entrance of Rhys, he wastes no time and quickly runs to the ring to meet with Tony
    Rhys: What's up Tony, you good dude? *They talk to eachother for a short few seconds after not seeing eachother for a while* It's sure been a while since I've seen you here and I'm glad your injury healed up quick! *They both respect eachother greatly because of Tony's alignment with the Last Heroes* Its a big opportunity tonight for all four of us in this match. I stand here and look at all of you fans in the arena and it gives me confidence. *Rhys gets a large cheer* You are the ones that keep me going, even though I've not pulled a win out the bag for a looong time. Now I'm here in a title match again with a '25%' chance of winning. Now them odds are probably... Super inaccurate, but its all I've got going into this match: a chance. All you need is one chance and everything can change in an instant. I'm not loosing my grip on the gold again and I'm going to do everything in this match I can, I'm going to work harder than ever before and fight stronger than you've ever seen me. All I've got to do is take down the former iron man champion Andersen Vega and eliminate the mysterious Chris Young. Maybe me and Tony will have a mini brawl tonight. Whatever happens I'm walking out with that belt or my buddy right here Tony is carrying it over his shoulder. *The two friends fist bump eachother in respect and Rhys takes some steps away from Tony as they wait for next entrant*

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  3. *Victor walks out from behind the curtain, he seems happy as he makes his way to the ring while constantly staring down Rhys Haze and Antonio Stark, he climbs in and swipes the microphone off of Rhys Haze.*

    Victor: Were you expecting Andersen Vega.... or even Chris Young? *Victor nudges Rhys Haze.* You've got me instead.... and let me get this straight I'm better than both of them. *Crowd boo loudly.* So... Hazey... you got my message inside that room? And if you're stupid enough not to remember, let me remind you.... I challenge you to one final match at Summerslam, where you enter my world, you enter the Devils playground! 3 falls of pure destruction and hell... Fall 1, Falls Count Anywhere, no going inside the ring at all, all outside. Fall 2, you know the table match that Buster Gates crushed your best friend Will Neilson? Well.... this next fall is relatable to that.... flaming table match. If you somehow make it to Fall 3, a cage will lower above the ring and we will trapped inside Hell in a Cell. Sound good to you? Anything you want to say to me or your little friend over there?

    *Victor awaits a response from Rhys and Tony.*
  4. Rhys takes a step back and thinks for a minute, this match literally sounds like hell to him

    Rhys: Victor, you are one crazy demon. You really think I'm gonna accept this match? *Rhys laughs in Victors face* When I heard about your 'Devil's Playground' I thought you wanted me to come play with you! I would push you on a flaming hell swing and push you down the slide of doom! And now you want me to get slammed through a flaming table? Hah, this match would just be you trying to kill me. I'm not stupid enough to accept this. *Rhys stops laughing and grinning and realises he actually has no choice really. Its either fighting the devil or nothing. He wants justice for what Victor did to Will which put Rhys in precision on his own while Tony and Will have been injured* You know what Victor... forget what I said. Imma make this quick because me and Tony have this match but I accept. I accept coming to your realm of hell and I will end you Victor. Only one of us will be emerging back up from the Devil's playground and its going to be ME. Now get outta here, we've got a title to claim.

    Victor has an evil grin on his face as the arena darkens and Victor disappears in a fog of smoke. He is nowhere to be seen. Rhys is now very unsettled and begins to talk to Tony about what just happened while they watch the two other wrestlers make their enterances.
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