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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Botchie, Jul 23, 2016.

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  1. Going into Battleground majority of the belts are on RAW ( Tag, Womens, US) leaving Smackdown with the IC and WWE championships, arguably the two more important belts, but that could change Sunday. We could see a few things happen and I'm willing to bet the mid-card titles switch shows as well as the WWE championship. So where does that leave SD? More importantly, how do they handle the Women? Does WWE even have a long term plan for any of this?
    Pretty safe to assume the re-introduction of a second tag title is coming in the near future along with a World heavyweight Championship for Smackdown. But what about the Women? Will we see two Women's championships for the first time or will they just be cycling both shows?

    How do you see WWE going about this? What would you do?
  2. From what I understand. The plan is for the WWE title to be able to jump between both brands, at least for the first couple of months. I assume the same will have to apply for the womens title.

    Could easily see them establishing new titles after a while tho. Question is how long they would wait
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  3. I have no idea of the recent reports, but WWE is for-sure splitting the World Titles. They've been referring to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as the WWE Championship. I think it's fair to assume the return of the World Heavyweight Championship or maybe another title, overall.

    I also think it's fair to assume the Tag Titles being split. WWE has a lot more teams, and both SmackDown and RAW have around 5-6 Tag Teams. It would be a nice addition, but WWE is undoubtly gonna lose their luster, and lose their workers, and the titles will merge again. But for the time being two world titles, and tag titles are the safe way to go

    The Women are probably gonna shift around the brands. I think the Women should've been on SmackDown if the Cruiserweights were gonna be on RAW. It's a fairly simple dynamic to add something special to both brands. More than titles and workers, it should be divisions. But I guess I'll just wait to see.
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  4. I could see Ambrose and Rollins both scoring the pin on Reigns and be crowned Champion for their respected brand. It would also fairly punish Reigns. But I think there will be a new divas title and tag team title for Smackdown introduced very soon
  5. WWE title is most likely going to the flagship show, while the Big Gold Belt is going to be resurrected (or SD creates a new title for its brand), but yeah, color me surprised if the WWE title stays with Ambrose on SmackDown.

    The women's title along with the tag titles are going to be interpromotional, and I'm fine with that.
  6. A world, women's, & tag on each show would be preferred, so that the show with the non-contenders atm doesn't feel inferior.

    SD should have their own tag titles. I really love that division, especially if they can rehab the Ascension.

    Women's on SD so Becky can run wild
  7. It wouldn't really be the first time there were two women's championships, since the WWE Women's Championship and the Divas Championship existed at the same time between 2008 and 2010.

    They really should have 2 world titles. Since the wrestlers are exclusive to their particular brand, it would be awkward trying to promote WWE Championship matches between brands. It makes more sense for the feuds to occur within a show than across them.
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  8. True dat, playa
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