"Championship Thursday" Debuts On IMPACT WRESTLING

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. ImpactWrestling.com:

    Bottom line, instead of this happening on Open Fight Night, it's happening on pre-PPV Impact. Got it?

    I wonder who's AJ's partner will be since Kurt and Anderson won't be on Impact.
  2. I like the idea, it gives you a little "taste" of PPV since they can't build for them. It'll be Chavo though

    But does this mean we'll get the 15 segments of a guy making his choice like we did with the Open Fight Night Title Shot?
  3. So it's just me who thinks this idea is stupid? Save championship matches for PPV and use iMPACT to actually build towards them. The one good thing that can happen on these nights is stars who are returning, for the shock value. It can set up feuds as well I guess, but imo the negatives certainly out-weight the positives.
  4. It sounds exactly like OFN to me lol. I agree with Crayo though, except for special cases save title matches for PPV. And I don't see doing it once a month just because as a special case.
  5. What Dolph's and Crayo said. Seems like a waste of a show really.
  6. I can't wait to hear Robbie E talking with Hogan in an unscripted backstage segment. That should be all sorts of awesome.
  7. Hogan is gonna have a heart attack right then and there brother.
  8. :hogan:
  9. Apparently this is being done to take some of the clutter away from OFN, they're basically moving the title match to this time of the month.
  10. Definitely lets you know that "anything can happen" on Impact.

    Which is a good thing.

  11. Three days before PPV we're getting free title matches? Nice way to kill your buyrates.
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  12. :true:
  13. I honestly doubt the tag title match on Impact hurt the buyrate to No Surrender... it honestly helped it by giving you a taste of how awesome TNA Tag Matches (and the World Tag Team Champions of the World) are. They gave you a good match on Impact then set up an awesome one for the PPV.

    It may not be the best thing for the product, but it's good for business.
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  14. I certainly don't think it's good for business at all. The idea as a whole is certainly bad for business (let's face it, PPV's are their business). It's just an insult to those who do buy the PPV's.
  15. +5 for this post.:obama:
  16. I disagree with the notion that PPVs = TNAs business. They are probably lucky to break even on PPVs with their shitty buy rates. They make money from advertisements during Impact and House Shows/merchandise ect
  17. Shouldn't they then try to improve their buy rates for the the ppv's and make it their business? By giving away a title match a month they remove a potential draw to the ppv's if built correctly and marketed correctly.
  18. In theory sure. But let's not sit here and pretend they haven't had some of the best built PPVs in recent memory in 2012. The Lockdown build was 10/10 and they still aren't going to sell PPVs. Having one title match a month on TV will affect their PPV buys exactly none.
  19. LawlsDaveyBoyMeltzer

    Even Carter said they're incorrect, lmfao. :tyson: They aren't that brilliant anyway, but I'm just making a point.
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