Royal Rumble Chance of Daniel Bryan Returning

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Reading over rumors and speculations, many wrestlers have been named as surprise entrants but one name that seems to be coming up a lot right now is Daniel Bryan. He has yet to be cleared by WWE but has had many doctors on his own terms say he can wrestle again. As far as shock value, if they can allow him to wrestle, this would be something to remember for a lot of fans. He was an under dog people loved to love or loved to hate for many years. Vanilla midget or not, he had great in ring skills. I think having him come back here and then having a major Wrestlemania moment could do wonders for the company.

What do you think the chances of him being a surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble are?
And could you see him winning?
Would you be excited for his return in this fashion?​

Jonny Nostradamus

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IF he was cleared to wrestle the Rumble, it would be JUST the Rumble. He'd last to final six or four and be tossed out by the eventual winner or screwed over by Shane. And I would shit myself if his music hit during that match.
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Grievous 3D

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Daniel Bryan wrestling in a WWE ring again isn't happening...and
I'll list the reasons why...

1). The Concussion Lawsuit is still ongoing...

2). In 2014 & 2015...Daniel Bryan not participating & then being
eliminated "early" basically ruined 2 Rumble pay per views with
the crowd booing the winner out of the building at the end of the

If Bryan is in the Rumble...most of the fans will want him to win
it...and when he doesn't...the eventual winner will most likely be
booed out of the building again...and these fans will do that.

3). The WWE will not want Daniel Bryan wrestling again now
that their handpicked "Future Face of the Company" is finally,
kind of getting least I've read he's getting over...I don't
watch the guy because he's about as interesting as a dead tree

Vince will not want Bryan drawing attention away from his pet project.

4). I'm sure most of those behind the scenes will be happy for Bryan
to not renew his contract so they can be rid of him...because as long
as he's will continue to hope he will wrestle again...and
the WWE simply don't want to take that risk.

I'm sorry to say it...and I like the guy...but his time is past and the
WWE aren't going to clear matter how many doctors say
he can wrestle again.

Frankly its a terrible situation...but the best solution is for Daniel to
leave the WWE & go elsewhere. That way both parties can move on.
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The Sheik

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It's too risky. Why take the risk when you don't have to?.. I wouldn't be excited for his return because i actually like Bryan, and unlike some selfish wrestling fans, i care about his health and know how serious concussions can be.

Prince Bálor

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Putting DB in the Rumble and not having him win is going to piss off the Philly crowd, so whoever wins will probably get booed.

I don't think they want that, but at the same time, it wouldn't surprise me if they put DB in the Rumble and had him eliminated/screwed over by Shane near the end of the match. That could work, too, I guess.

Anways, what Jacob said will probably end up happening. He will probably wrestle again, it just won't be in WWE.
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