Change "WWE" to ???

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Let's say WWE got forced to change its name again because there's another organisation called World Window Excitement, what would you rename WWE too and why?
  2. Lol World Window Excitement.

    Either way I would change it to....WWFE

    Worst Wrestling Federation Ever. Because they just suck ass now.
  3. POS. i think you catch my drift
  4. I thought that said "PMS", I grinned.
  5. What would it stand for? ^
  6. It would only, logically be: WWEF World Wrestling Entertainment Federation (Although when the frig has logic ever come into anything wrestling related...)
  7. SAB
    S*** at booking. :facepalm1:
  8. WWE

    Worlds Worst Entertainment?

    We want Eddie?

    Whore Wilma Ethernet?
  9. World Wrestling Botching starring Sin Cara
  10. We Want Food
    We Will Fight
    We Wont Fart

    now as for the name change, how about GnR, HHH's Wrestling Company(HHC), Wrestling For Life(WFL), Entertainment Wrestling Worldwide(EWW) or American Founded Wrestling(AFW)
  11. I'd change it to HHH Wrestling. :bury:

    On a serious note, maybe to Soap Opera Entertainment.
  12. WISOS (Wrestling is same old shit)
  13. MLB: Because with steroids comes success.
  14. FWO! = Frank's World Order!

  15. I was sure Randy was going to change it to PCRW, Punks Cock Riding Wrestling :cole:
  16. - Sesame Street Wrestling
    - Cena Approved Pro Entertainment
    - Cena Happy Wrestling
    - BBQs & 'Rasslin
    - Kids & Fun Wrestling
    - John Cena Show
    - Talking Diaries
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  17. Joe, John Cena Show is perfect!
  18. MWE

    MIZ Wrestling Entertainment :themiz:
  19. The Cena Show?
    Retards write wrestling?

    I vote for NWE

    Need weed to enjoy.
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