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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HIGH FLYER, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Who do you think has been the Superstar that has changed the most during his/her career?? (Whether because of a change in gimmick or for whatever reason)
  2. Isaac Yankem DDS to Kane
  3. Kane or HHH. Both guys are business guys. I've gotten used to seeing HHH in a suit but not Kane.
  4. Meam Mark Calloway to The Undertaker. The Ringmaster to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock Maivia to The Rock, Hunter Hearst Helmsley to Triple H,
  5. Don't forget Diesel 2.0. Glen Jacobs would be my pick, too.
  6. Godfather had a lot of gimmicks prior to him becoming a pimp.
  7. The sultan to rikishi
  8. Papa Shango being one I remember.
  9. Nicky in Spirit Squad to Dolph Ziggler.
  10. Wade to Bad News, Undead thing to badass biker, Pig farmer to FBI agent type thing to disciple to guy who would (in kayfabe) streak but actually ran around in a fanny pack, just to name a few
  11. what about Bradshaw to JBL?? looking back, he's like a different person
  12. Ryan Reeves, Skip Sheffield, Ryback.
  13. You know who did it purposely and did it the best?
    Cactus Jack to Mankind To Dude Love
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  14. Rey Mysterio. He used to be the shit. Also, Kane obviously.
  15. I know it's ECW but WWE bought their licensing so fuck it; Tommy Dreamer from generic babyface --> hardcore icon for the masses.
  16. From All American, to Black Panthers like leader to body guard..Farooq!
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  17. Somebody finally put it. Good thing I read all the posts cuz I was about to.

    How about 1-2-3 Kid -> X-Pac -> Syx:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ac?
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