Changes you feel that TNA should make?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Jul 8, 2013.

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    These kind of threads show up once in a while and I felt that with all that has been going down within the organisation of TNA recently and the reports circulating now would be a nice time to make one.

    In short, what kind of changes do you personally feel that TNA needs to make? It can be anything from on screen to backstage, minor or major. Air your thoughts and ideas.

    I have two thoughts personally right now.

    #1: Establish a overall mid card belt that matters. They just got rid of the TV title but I felt that it was a bit of a bad call. TNA right now has one relevant mid card singles belt, the X-division, which holds option C (the cash in). But the X-division is limited in who can compete for it with a weight and style limit, guys under 240 lbs and mostly high flyers/risk takers to be precise. That leaves them with no belt for guys like Magnus or Joe or Angle or any guy that doesn't fit the X division size or style to compete for unless they form tag teams and go for the tag belts. Having the cash in on the X belt is cool but in my opinion it also limits who can challenge for the main belt via option C because of the limitations placed on the division. Guys who aren't X-division material are sort of left in a limbo outside of personal feuds, stables and tag teams. A well booked and handled mid card division would serve TNA well with building the stars of tomorrow, something that the company needs.

    #2: Sort out the developmental system. TNA seemingly doesn't have much patience with their current developmental system. All but two gutcheck winners have been released little over a year after the conception of the idea and guys that were placed in OVW to get some seasoning (Crimson) have also been let go. Maybe this has to do with Panda energy but TNA seemingly doesn't have the time and patience and maybe not the funding to commit to a long term development system like the WWE. Who can take a green horn, put him on NXT for two years and watch him develop into a TV ready star. The gutcheck system at its inception might have been a way for TNA to find TV ready talent that they could place in smaller stories to develop them and having them work in OVW when not used by TNA, but it obviously didn't turn out that way. TNA in my opinion needs to figure out what they want with their developmental and recruitment system.

    What does TNA need to change/work on in your opinion? Discuss.
  2. You've pretty much covered it, don't know what else could be said.
  3. Sack anyone on a stupid amount of money and build some stars up.
  4. Totally agree with the second one. Not just having the patience to build up people you're high on, but knowing when to cut the cord on acts that just aren't working (Chavo)

    Love that they're trying to be counterculture, and instead of blazing through storylines that don't resonate with the audience, TNA is taking time to let the storylines soak in... but it's too damn long!

    They also need to find people to give ideas on how to execute things properly. Open Fight Night, Gut Check, gimmick rules like the X-Division triple threat, etc. are good ideas but needed lots of fine-tuning and better execution. And little things like Mickie's heel turn need to be done much better, they dragged it out too long and it didn't have the impact it would have had if it didn't take as long.
  5. Pretty much all you said. The return of the six-sided ring would be cool too though, it was really something what made TNA unique.
  6. The six sided ring I can live without. It was said to be more painful to work in than a normal ring. Something about less spring and harder impact. I'm willing to sacrifice a "unique" look for the workers being able to work longer personally.
  7. Restructure the old timers contracts asap, actually give the xdivision matches some build, and not constant 3 ways (although last weeks match was awesome, it was a 1 week angle) and get rid of Gut Check. If you want to bring up a wrestler have a development build or showcase one of his indy matches through the company.
  8. There's personally 5 changes I'd made:

    - Presentation (rope colors, logo, ramp, lights, arena setup and that whole thing. Renew it a bit)
    - Keep the X Division on fire and keep the buzz on it like now, don't let the buzz just go away like before
    - Bring in 3 new guys every 3 months and release 1 to keep the roster fresh, but not too crowded
    - straighten up the OVW system or get rid of it (and therefore get rid of gutcheck on TV)
    - change the announcers ASAP
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