Changes you want to make RAW better.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. It doesn't matter how small the change is, I just want a bit of change.

    1) Red Ring Ropes - It's silly but it represented RAW and White is just so Dull.

    2) I want Enthusiastic, Neutral Announcers or just Jim Ross. - Announcers are supposed to make you invested in the product and show the realism in it. When you have Neutral Commentators they don't bury any Superstars and especially the product. Also when returns do happen, I want them to be Enthusiastic, like this week was "Ohhhh My!" "It's Chris Jericho."

    3) Different RAW Logo - I think it's ran it's course.

    4) Different Raw Set - Really just the stage, I think it's ran it's course.

    How about yours?
  2. 1) Change "RAW" to "RAW IS WAR" again.

    2) Black ropes or red, don't mind.

    3) Fire Jerry Lawler, bring in Stanford and JR.

    4) Different RAW theme, bring back either an older one or bring an edgy one in.

    5) Remove HHH from kayfabe COO, put Laurinaitus in there and have a Superstar like Otunga or someone as GM. Which will restart the conspiracy angle and will propel Punk like he was supposed to. Story-line ends at Mania' when Punk wins against all odds alongside with Jericho, Jericho then turns heel after they win and cuts epic promo.

    6) Dunno if this counts, change the WWE championship look.

    Great thread btw.
  3. Thanks about the thread comment.

    I wanted to say both Theme song and WWE Championship but if they would change the theme song it wouldn't be an old one but a new one. For the Championship that's not really something related to RAW. In a manner it is but that Championship belt was at Smackdown 2008-2009. Also I thought CM Punk was going to change it?

    As for RAW IS WAR, who are they in war against? lol!
  4. It's just a symbol for more edgyness. Being PG doesn't stop as much as people think. So I'd make RAW more edgy and to do that change the look, thus going back to RAW IS RAW (lmao, can be in a war with TNA) using Punk as the spearhead. Obviously WWE haven't designed a new one or bothered, because Punk definitely does want it changed.
    1. A lead neutral commentator Scott Stanford would be great. A heel can not lead commentary it takes away from the product.
    2. Give the mid card and tag team division exposure. Don't over do them but give them 10 minute matches a week each and 5 minutes of promo time each.
    3. Get a GM and stick with it for at least a year.
    4. Change the theme I want something fresh not a rehash.
    5. End the supershow concept and make the brands relevant again.
    6. A new set once again something new.
    7. Don't defend the WWE title on Raw ever leave that for PPV's if they want a belt to be defended in the main event make it the US or tag titles. World title matches should be special not for random tv.
  5. Punk is all about change, he's still disappointed because he feels that change hasn't happened yet. He is right though. Also Vince doesn't see TNA as a threat and neither do I.
  6. 1) Red ropes
    2) A match announcer like Bruce Buffer (make every match to worth something,especially main events)
    3) TV-14
    4) Titles on main events, the superstars should really want the title.
    5) A new intro, just like 2004's one.
    6) That "Supershow" shit under the "RAW" brand sucks, remove it ..
  7. Pretty much this.

    I'd change the commentary to exactly how Crayo put it. TV-14 isn't necessary for more edge really. But I'd sure welcome it.
  8. 1. Let CM Punk speak his mind and let him go all out.

    2. Kick Cole away from announcing and humiliate him on his way out.

    3. Better Raw theme.

    4. Change the image of Raw.

    5. As back in the day they would say WWE get the f out. Then they need to TV-14 get the pg out.

    6. Make the U.S and Tag titles credible make them mean something.

    7. Triple HHH needs to start helping talent get over instead of going into pointless feuds.

    8. More bra and panties matches.

    9. Add more managers.

    10. More wrestling less pointless segments.
  9. Lmao. Love this one. I don't think we'll ever see TV-14 again.
  10. I agree with the RAW SuperShow , It's dumb and they should remove it.
  11. Make Raw rated R. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. lol Edge? :emoji_wink:
  13. Damn, Crayo is going Orlando Jordan on everyone.
  14. I'm from the UK, I have no idea who Orlando Jordan is. :emoji_slight_frown:

  15. for anyone who doesn't know orlando...
  16. Wish WWE has a gimmick like that.
  17. Could be Jerichos next way of trolling us.
  18. Doubt he'll have some sort of crazy gimmick, but if he did he'd be the best at it :emoji_slight_smile:. Truth has the "mentally challenged" gimmick, but doesn't do anything nearly like Boogeyman style. We really do need a sadistic heel like that in WWE.
  19. Barrett fits that role perfectly if given the chance.