Changes you'd make to SmackDown.

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  1. Since the RAW thread was such a success, why not have one for SmackDown?

    Let's do this. :coolgun:
    • Get rid of Teddy Long.
    • Make Smackdown the wrestling show so remove people like Henry and Big Show. They'll still have storylines but it will be full of guys who could work.
    • Give the IC title / tag titles the main event spot if a title has to be defended keep the WHC matches as a very very very rare occurrence for a non pay per view.
    • Get Heyman back on creative.
  2. All of the above plus:

    -Change theme song
    -Make it live
    -Change it to Tues/Wed/Thurs (one of them).
  3. Omg this.

    Get seabs in WWE management please.
  4. Change theme song to Trapt - Headstrong! lol
  5. Thanks for the compliment on my thread.


    - Vickie Guerrero or William Regal as SD GM
    - Daniel Bryan, Barret, McIntyre as the top heel.
    - Orton, Sheamus and Christian as top Face.
    - New Theme
    - Commentator's Booker T and Scott Standford
    - New Stage Set (Too similar to RAW)
    - Thursday Nights
  6. Booker T and Stanford with Regal in charge. I'd mark my tits off.
  7. 1.change song
    2. draft kane and fire him
    3.change it to live
    4.change night
  8. Fire Kane? :O
  9. Why draft Kane to fire him ?
  10. Fixed it for you mate :cool:
  11. How dare you. CM Punk is a hero!
  12. How dare "he", Kane is a LEGEND! :coolgun:
  14. Smackdown was at it's prime from it's debut up until 2006, Guys like Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Tajari, Eddie Guerrero, Stephanie Mc Mahon (When she was GM and rebelled against vince) Jericho, The Rock,

    Smackdown has become very poor, too many new stars have swamped WWE, Orton, Cena, Show, Taker, HHH, Kane, Chavo, Jericho are the only guys left that I can name, that have been in the business for a great deal off time
  15. Chavo has left.

    You forgot to mention Henry too, WWE doesn't need its older stars. They don't push old stars like TNA used to do. What we don't see enough is superstars like HHH putting over younger talent... Big Show isn't either. They're the major stars who have gone past their time, so they don't need to keep winning anymore. You can't create brand new stars if they're beating jobbers like Santino.

    The thing WWE lacks now is great story-lines, a strong mid-card & relevant championships. PG doesn't restrict as as much as most people think, they need to become more edgy and win over its adult fan-base again. And no, I'm not saying bring back blood, it's pointless.

    What story-lines are happening right now on SmackDown? Orton was injured... and Bryan is in a random feud with a guy who's had like 6 title matches in a row (Big Show).
  16. What I am saying, they need some new stars to get to that point. Smackdown was flooded with new talent, while Raw kept the majority of it's current stars, in 2008. They need to gain a collection of stars like those mentioned, as in 2002-2004, they were young, but brill and big stars. WWE needs to do the same with some new talent and cut the crap
  17. They were big stars because they were going over the stars before their time who were the equivalent of the HHH's now. Look at Foley, putting over star after star. Orton became a star after his hardcore match with Foley. SmackDown is the "B" brand like it or not unfortunately. Until it goes live and on a different day, it will NEVER ever ever ever ever be ahead of RAW.

    As for new stars, we have Miz, Ziggler, Bryan, Punk, Rhodes, Orton still young. They just need to be pushed properly. How does Bryan feuding with a guy like Big Show get Bryan over? How does Punk going from "hottest product of WWE" and feuding with the whole conspiracy of WWE to sucking up to HHH and having HHH vs Nash feud get Punk over? WWE were morons to stop Punk's momentum by letting HHH go over him, all because of his ego.

    Without any competition for ratings in terms of wrestling promotions, we're not going to see WWE take the risk they used to which payed off big time.
  18. Smackdown is already a better show, Wrestling wise.
  19. I remember watching Raw and SD when I was a kid and I liked more SD.
    They would call anyone crazy if they said that now.