Kayfabe Chapter 1:Verse 1 - "79"

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Jonny Nostradamus

Just a Work in Progress.
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The lights in the arena go a dim shade of red as a video, showing a rising sun, begins to play on the titantron.
Once in the ring, "The Lone Wanderer" Caleb Hayes stands in a spotlight as he begins to speak.

Gold. A decoration.
A declaration of achievement.
A goal. A title.
Wanted by fools, held by the strong.
Needed by the weak.

Nobility, honor,
Pride, justice,
Selflessness, resilience.

Caleb looks up towards the ceiling, signaling for the lights in the arena to return to normal,
Caleb: Exodus: the second book of the Bible, which recounts the departure of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, their journey across the Red Sea and through the wilderness led by Moses...and the giving of the Ten Commandments.
Caleb begins slowly pacing from one side of the ring to the other as he continues to speak.
Caleb: Moses is a righteous man. He was no fool, nor was he weak in spirit. He was noble...he was a man of honor, a man with strong pride. He valued justice. Moses risked his life for the salvation of others. He experienced many hardships during his time, but was no less of a man than you and I. Moses was a wanderer. Moses was a champion.
Caleb reaches into the pocket of his jacket, pulling out a dirty piece of paper.
Caleb: The Book of Caleb, Chapter 1:Verse 1..."Upon his baron farmland, sprouts but a single stalk of corn. The farmer nurtures this stalk, one stalk for many. They flock, they fight. Like lions and gladiators amongst the grand audience that is the farmer, they fall. One stands and the farmer bestows upon him the spoils. Upon this farmland, no longer baron, rest the fallen that the victor saw as brothers. This victorious gladiator-esque man stands tall, alone, with the stalk of corn. He is the conqueror, yet he is the conquered. Succumbing to the promise of gold amongst the valley of coal. He soon falls, just as his brothers; they now feed the Earth. This farmland, now flourishing with crops, does the farmer now feast with joy." End verse one.
Caleb folds the paper and places it back back into his jacket.
Caleb: Ben Song, heed my words. You are sin. Flocked by your "disciples", you parody faith. You hide behind a wall and mock Exodus. Your blind followers will soon see that he who knows not of Exodus, knows not of salvation and knows not of nobility. I walk a path of lonesomeness, and a path of faith. I implore those here tonight to find their own paths, and walk it wherever it may take them. Guide others onto their paths, but do not force them onto yours. The path of faith, knowledge and nobility is one that must be walked alone. Ben Song, you manipulate, you preach wrongdoings, you preach hate and you play God. You. Are. Sin. He will soon be another tale told for ages once I vanquish the sinner known as Ben Song. Your story ends, inside and at the hands of...The Book of Caleb.
Caleb Hayes drops the microphone and holds out his hand towards the crowd, who cheer for him as "Exodus" goes to commercial.
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