Kayfabe Chapter 1:Verse 2 - "Pyrite Riot"

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After coming back from a commercial break during Exodus, the camera is focused on a book that reads "The Book of Caleb".
Holding the book is "The Lone Wanderer" Caleb Hayes, who is sitting on his rocking chair, in the middle of the dimly lit ring.

Caleb: In this book, I hold all that is, here in Exodus. I told the story of Ben Song, a false prophet, and his fall. When one has wandered as long as I have, there will be...experiences had...These experiences have made me a man of faith, not a man of any religious denomination. I believe that all are entitled to follow what they want. That is the path they choose, I however, follow the path of a wanderer.
Caleb begins rocking in his chair.
He who calls no place his home,
He who knows no soul but his own...
He who walks forever alone,
He who lives against the mold...
When the world is loud, he wanders in
Lonesome, down his road,
During the burning time of

Caleb suddenly stops his rocking chair and looks down at his book.
Caleb: Martin Luther King JR. once said, "A riot is the language of the unheard."... This man was great in his own right. Intelligent, strong, noble. He was about justice and caring for his fellow man. He was a man of faith...faith in humanity that is...
Caleb opens up his book to a page marked with a dirty, tattered rag.
Caleb: The Book of Caleb, Chapter 1:Verse 2..."When the world has fallen, from the ashes will he rise. Fire, like that of a phoenix, shall rain from the skies. What an event to behold, with fear in your eyes. As all you held dear, crumbles and dies. In the time of darkness, he was the light. He started a riot, but kept it at night. For all that was right, did he struggle and fight. Until the end, when he lost sight. 'Riot! Riot!' exclaimed the people at the top of their lungs, with passion. They needed what they wanted, but that was their fall. Much like their leader, they failed. Time and time again, they grasped at fool's gold and clung to false hope. They lost sight of faith, so faith lost sight of them."
Caleb closes his book.
Caleb: This is the story Des Pierson's past, present and future. What it held, holds, and will hold. With eyes on the prize, you do nothing but feed yourself golden lies. Don't look ahead, live in the now. Your story does not end, it moves on in The Book of Caleb, once you read between the lines.
Caleb looks up towards the light, signaling them to return to normal. Once they do, he gets up out of his rocking chair and holds his hand out to the people. They crowd cheers for him.
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