Kayfabe Chapter 2:Verse 1 - "Second Son"

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  1. Caleb Hayes appears on the titantron, holding "The Book of Caleb" in his right hand while holding out his left hand.

    Caleb: I humbly ask for the attention of everybody in the audience. I have come to you all today as a man who has sacrificed for the greater good. A man who has ensured that a worthy competitor has taken his place here in Exodus. I come as a man who will prove that he is as resilient as he is faithful. I have been placed in the match for the Iron Man Championship. If there is one title that fits The Lone Wanderer, it is that of an "Iron Man".

    Caleb opens his book to a page marked with a dirty yellow cloth.

    Caleb: The Book of Caleb, Chapter 2:Verse 1..."He hath no allies, nor common folk of his own. No kin, no skin, no light to be shown. He chases glory, while luck is in tow. He's just one of many, born of the same row. His role is unknown, his story is untold. A path he must choose, a road he must follow. Either sail down the river, or live a life most hollow."

    Caleb closes the book.

    Caleb: JJ Colton, make your choice. You may be a champion, but pay attention to my voice. Iron Man you are not. You've tasted success, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. You have no purpose other than being a champion. That, is no way to live and no way to fight. You need a guiding light, you need a helping hand. Join me, and lay down by the river.

    Caleb walks off screen and a door is heard closing before the video feed fades to black.