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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by RavynKarasu, Sep 3, 2012.

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  1. Well, I'm pretty excited. As I've mentioned before, I'm working on a wrestling novel. It's called "Win For the Ring." A lot of the characters are going to be characters from my other novels, with the exception of a few fresh new ones. However, due to a joke between my husband and myself involving a character initially created during our R vs SM gaming sessions, we decided to use part of a custom storyline. However...the issue is that those games obviously use copyright characters. So, to avoid problems, I decided a few of the characters for my one side would likely be loosely based on actual wrestlers. I say loosely because I want them JUST obvious enough for readers to get it, but not SO blatantly copied that...well...I'm infringing.

    I actually started off with these novel characters with creating a character loosely based on Undertaker. I've also created characters based on other wrestlers...loosely. These, so far, include Kane, Kelly Kelly, and Goldust. Now, remember, I also have a larger cast in mind that are either characters from my other novels [actual novels I'm writing, not fanficion], and some fresh made up characters especially made up for this novel.

    That all said, I really wanted to make a character based on several other wrestlers. This was before I settled on a set number of characters and such. Miz was originally in the running, but the character I had created was rather he got the boot as a character. But, I really wanted to do a Goldust character. I wanted someone just that eye-catching and odd. Originally, obviously, the character was going to be a male wrestler...but the names I had picked were too lame...and if I couldn't do something well, I didn't want to do it. My idea was that if I was going to base characters on a wrestler [or even multiple wrestlers squashed into one] I wanted to do so with respect to the character, the person, and so forth.

    My solution was to create my Goldust-inspired character as a FEMALE rather than male. It didn't seem as lame and it actually was a lot of fun to put together scenarios for the novel's complex storyline. I was all set to create her, do up some stats and start weaving her into the possible plotlines, but then I figured that I wanted to make sure I didn't actually offend anyone. I mean...the other characters are the same gender as the wrestlers that loosely inspired them...but the Goldust-inspired character was a girl.

    Just happened to see Goldust tweeting today, so I asked him what he thought. I was rather excited to get a reply from him saying he wouldn't mind at all if I created a female version of him. I am just thrilled and look forward to utilizing the character with my other mix match cast.

    Still working on the other aspects of the story. But, I'm getting there slowly but steadily. Maybe after I officially decide on every character and how they play a part in the story, I'll post another update with some character info...and hopefully a solid synopsis.

    Anyway, I was just really excited to get that response, so I wanted to share it.
  2. Awesome! :emoji_slight_smile:) I hope we get a sneak peek of that novel of yours! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Goldust being a girl would be awesome! Just don't overdo it LOLZ. I think he won't be offended!
  3. Oh I plan to be very careful. She'll be an interesting character: funny and odd, but nothing too crazy. I kinda want to keep her in the proper scope.

    I do hope the work progresses, I will eventually have an excerpt or two to eventually share. But, that's a ways off. I'm really pleased everyone has been so patient and supportive with me about it. It makes me feel more and more motivated to work hard and persistently on it.
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  4. Name her "sparkles!"
  5. LOL you're not too far off. Her wrestling name is "Glitterbee Gold."
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