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  1. Since it seems to be causing an issue keep this thread for any discussion of characters. Just leave the other thread solely for the format of character entry.
    @[Zamorakian] does this solve your issue?
  2. I'm a psychotic wrestler. /Discussion :smile:
  3. No, @[Crayo] I'm a psychotic wrestler.
  4. LOL PHREAK GONNA OWN YO' ASS :emoji_wink:
  5. No @[Crayo], I'm a psychotic wrestler :emoji_wink:
    Beware the "Aftershock".
  6. You need to add in a moveset btw.
  7. @[seabs], Just a fair warning, You're "Gonna Get GOT!"
  8. Yeah I know, it wasn't in the original template so I presumed you added your optionally. I couldn't be bothered at the time but since everyone else did I guess I will.

    My theme song owns all of yours.
  9. You gonna rip off R-Truth then, Little Johnny?
  10. Lmao. No, R-Truth isn't that bad to be honest. He has alot ahead of him. No, I'm not ripping off R-Truth though. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. When will the Registration be over?
  12. I don't think it will end per say as we can always write in new characters at any time.
  13. No No no

    my wrestler is clearly the psychotic one. Yours are all perfectly sane goddamnit
  14. First e-fed, wanted to do it for a long time. Posted my bio up now. Needs some work but there's a base.

    You gonna get kick-got.
  15. Quite scared of your character. Feel like he's going to randomly kick me out of nowhere.
  16. Fear the foot.
  17. 7 characters signed up so far, at least 8 more guys come on!
  18. One question.

    Bookers are bookers, they book the matches/segments but who writes them? The character creators? Do the bookers choose who writes it or do we both write it and they choose the best one? I know there's a help thread or 2 but it didn't explain the roles of everyone.

    My first e-fed experience, don't hate.
  19. Bookers book the matches/segments and then the people who's characters are in the match/segment write it. For example, if Thewindyfan made a match between Adam's and Crayo's characters, Adam and Crayo write the match.

    So lets say Crayo writes for Undertaker and Adam writes for HHH, and the description of the match is this:

    Match - Undertaker vs HHH (Crayo & Adam)

    Both men give it their all in a tremendous contest. Triple H tries his hardest to put away the deadman, but ultimately falls victim to a Tombstone Piledriver, scoring Taker the win.

    The typical thing that would happen is Adam would start the match off, maybe do the first half, then PM the match to Crayo to finish, since Crayo's character (Taker) is winning. Then once Crayo is finished, he PMs it to the bookers, who put it into the show. And of course Crayo and Adam could send the match back and forth to each other if they wanted, but the usual way is one person writes the first half, the other person (usually the one who wins) writes the second half and turns it in.

    Hope that helps.
  20. Really helpful. After the characters submit it to the bookers, do the bookers get to edit it?
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