Character Fails: Muhammed Hassan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Nov 18, 2015.

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  1. With all the discussion on the Paris attack done by ISIS I couldn't help but to think about the one superstar that was canned over terrorist attacks in WWE. That was Muhammed Hassan.

    In 2005 his character was a Muslim who was uspet with how his people were treated after the 9/11 attacks, a great heel character, even though he wasn't actually an Arab, Davari, his manager was, and Hassan played his role well. This was a great heel character, it wasn't a terrorist, it was a man who was upset over the world treating his religion, which actually spoke a big message. Like why we hate on all Muslims when terrorists and regular Islamic figures are a big distinction? Hassan's character was great, but why did it all flop?

    Well WWE fucked up and made him look like a terrorist in a feud with the Undertaker, he attacked taker with a bunch of masked dudes, this was aired right after the bus explosion in England done by terrorists, it didn't just ruin Hassan's character by making him a terrorist like heel now, it ruined his career when networks were disgusted by the segment on Smackdown and demanded he get killed off. And he was by the Undertaker at the Great American Bash.

    My point being if WWE didn't do this and kept Hassan by his original upset with Americans over the way Muslims are treated character, would fans of WWE actually get a better understanding about Muslims and Terrorism? If this Smackdown segment never happened, Hassan's career could've continued, he would talk about that bus explosion how he's upset like everyone else in the world is about that but angry how people believe people like him should be hated for this happening.

    The Paris attacks just brought Hassan back into my mind again and how WWE fucked him so badly.
  2. Ended his career. I find it odd how he was doing what Vince McMahon and their original creative team were telling him to do, but when push came to shove, they abandoned him. Instead of sending him to RAW and trying to save him they just let him job out to the Undertaker.

    Really unfortunate because he was really talented, and he had the potential to be a world champion.
  3. WWE has made a lot bigger mistakes if you ask me, like with DB, Punk, Cena, and pretty much all their younger talent roster. I'm more concerned with that than the mistake with Hassan.

    Hassan could've been a great character, yes, but it wouldn't have lasted too long any ways. And, even if it did, I was bored by that type of anti US gimmick. Happened too may times over and over.
  4. How did they make a mistake with Daniel Bryan? They gave him a WrestleMania moment. He beat John Cena cleanly for the WWE title. He beat Orton, Batista and HHH at WrestleMania. He won the title at WrestleMania 30. Not exactly sure how you can make that scenario anymore perfect.
  5. I thought his character was brilliant, but I'm also a fan on controversial angles in WWE. A lot of people are sensitive to something like that, and also WWE being a public traded company has a lot to do with it being scratched I'm sure.

    If they kept rollin with his character, he could of got a shit ton of heat though and it would of been interesting. A lot of WWE fans are rednecks so they don't take too kindly to them muslims. I mean shit your talking about the same people who chant "USA" in a 6 man tag match with Rusev, Barret, Sheamus, Neville, Cesaro, and the ONLY american Dolph Ziggler.
  6. I wasn't trying to get off topic here, but alright. That entire scenario, for one thing, wasn't their plan in any fashion. They threw that together last minute because punk walked away, even thought DB was clearly a break through star. Sure, DB was given some things, but with the level of pops and overall attention he was getting, WWE did as they always do and tried to keep him lower. They did this when he fought the wyatts and they tried to make him join them. They belittled him at the 2014 RR. 2015 RR. Fast lane. Then most of 2015.

    Basically most chances he got were either short lived, sometimes because of injury yes, but more often than not, WWE just said "yeah fuck this guy" and tried to move on. DB kept getting cheered and they had no choice sometimes but to give opportunities and moments.

    To me, they had a guy who, for years, could've carried a lot of the company. Instead, they tried to keep him down and that's a mistake.
  7. Alright, I have to properly comment on this: Yes, the plan was never to give Daniel Bryan his moment at WrestleMania. That's obvious. He was scheduled to wrestle Sheamus at WrestleMania 30, with CM Punk wrestling Triple H and Batista vs. Randy Orton in a 1 vs. 1 match for the title. But, you can't tell me Daniel Bryan was buried or something like that, nor did he get belittled in 2015 at all. The Wyatt-thing certainly was stupid, yes, but you got an already established star in Bryan wrestling a future star in Wyatt. In order to make new stars, you have to have stars put those young guys over. That's exactly what has happened. He got his moment at WM 30, if anyone seriously thought that him getting his 2nd fucking moment at WM in a row would be a good idea if there's a guy in Roman Reigns that was built up for that moment when Daniel Bryan was out with an injury, you're dumb in all honesty. Not having Reigns win would ruin his chances of being the top superstar that they need in him now. Having him lose to Reigns at Fast Lane isn't belittling, it's putting the future of the fucking WWE over. Even after that, the only notable thing he did in 2015 was win the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania which is a nice accomplishment. You can't call winning a title belittling in any way. Was John Cena ''belittled'' when he won the US Championship? Don't think so, and he's a bigger star than Daniel Bryan.

    The start was kinda frustrating as a DB-fan, but you can't say that when Vince finally decided to give Daniel Bryan the match against HHH and to put him in the title match, anything WWE did after that was a bad business decision.

    Daniel Bryan is already a star now. He's a 4-time World Champion. He's had a great career. Same goes with CM Punk btw, he had a 434-day championship reign ffs.
  8. You pointed out all my wrongs they did to DB, yet you seem like they don't matter? Because of some of the good things that have happened. Sure, DB had his moment in the sunshine so to speak. Again, because WWE was backed into a corner and needed money. But, he did. ONE major moment. Stars in his level, like cena, get a lot of moments. And don't get tossed around like a wave. I'm not saying he had to win everything all the time, but it was clear multiple times that they didn't like this guy and wanted to move on somehow.

    No point in discussing it further as I've exhausted this topic too many times, but yeah I disagree. He could've been bigger for years and WWE only handed him his shot on a fluke.

    Cm punk is the same story. He made his rise and had the longest reign, but he got his shot by dropping a pipe bomb and WWE finally realizing the potential of him. So punk gets some main events and yes gets what he wanted. My point is that WWE misses so many chances until they realize "oh shit... We had something here all along... Fine, lets push this guy who's not the champion WE want"
  9. I hate that they were forced to get rid of the Hassan character (even before the terrorist/martyr incident on Smackdown, you knew his character unfortunately had a really short shelf life one way or another, since people were already writing in so many complaints to the networks over seeing his character portrayed on television), but I still wish he could have stuck around till at least Summerslam. The original plans for him were to challenge Batista for the WHC at Summerslam 2005 after beating Undertaker at the Great American Bash to become the #1 contender. Imagine the kind of heat that shit would have drawn. Summerslam that year was in Washington DC of all places, which also just happened to be Batista's home town, and if they could have least gotten to book that feud and had Batista kill off the Hassan character instead of Taker, that would have been swell. Oh well.
  10. yeah, ofcourse they've missed chances on them in the past, but the important thing is that eventually, they did become big money-making stars. I'm sure every company makes these mistakes from time-to-time. It's hard running a wrestling company where you have more than 75 different wrestlers under contract. I think you're more against the idea of WWE's un-motivational way of pushing someone up the card for a little while, and then pushing him down again like they always do. It's a dumb way of showing that they control you, I think.
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