Characters in WWE that never went anywhere?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nickelodeon, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. There have been a lot of gimmicks that were cool and had potential, but didn't work out. What are your favorite gimmicks that never got a significant push?

    I've always thought the Sean O'Haire devil's advocate gimmick was cool, but they abandoned it way too quickly.

    I also thought Muhammad Hassan had the potential to be a mega heel. He got so much heat it was ridiculous.
  2. That Sean guy would have been cool. I actually really dig his gimmick. Muhammad Hassan was gonna be World Champ if it wasn't for those London Bombings!


  3. I fucking loved this character so much. Chavo finally had a chance at the main event scene, but you know inconsiderate old Eddie just had to go off and die.
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  4. Good ol' Simon Dean:

    Seriously though, I thought Mordecai had a lot of potential. It's a shame they never really did anything with him.
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  5. Rocky Maivia.

    Such a shame that he died.
  6. Maven could have been a commendable IC champ with his down to earth/underdog/gonna put on a clinic combination.

    Shawn Stasiaks WWE insane character could have been pure comedy gold and given some nice comic relief to the main event scene for a couple of PPVs in 2002, but of course Hogan, HHH, Rock and Lesnar meant that didn't have a chance in hell.
  7. Raven got shortshafted in the WWE. I'm not saying he should have main evented. But with his character and mic skills he could have been a good staple of the mid to upper midcard.
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  8. Me too dude! He just kinda squashed a few guys and disappeared from what I remember, then returned as...

    Kevin Thorn...Maybe he should have stuck with Mordecai.

    Braden Walker (Chris Harris in TNA) - Famous WWE failure, had a small stint in WWE under the ECW brand where it was obvious he had gained a lot of weight since his TNA days (they were only maybe 6 months earlier). Squashed a few guys and was released after.


    Nathan Jones - The guy was a genetic freak, I only really remember him being a part of Team Lesnar at the Survivor Series 2003, had all of the image but none of the skill it seemed.


    Tensai - Didn't WWE triple his pay from Japan just to get him Jobbing? Essentially a failed monster heel attempt by WWE, has a pin fall win over Cena to his name but also a loss to 3MB...LOL!


    Kaval/Low-Ki/Senshi - Kaval was a contestant on NXT in 2010 maybe? Anyways I think this was his last attempt at a WWE run after he tried under the Low-Ki name back in 2000/2001? Nonetheless it failed spectacularly, I remember him doing the whole old school Cena-style rap disses.

    Just a few I can remember from the past decade!
  9. Mordecai had huge potential as a mystical power who could have one day rivalled Undertaker but hey nothing came from it except in my head.

    Also Tazz had he not broke his neck and had so many injuries. I always thought he could be huge and was a big fan.
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