Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
The Wrestle Dynasty Pre-Show has begun and to kick it off is the familiar music of the resident "King Of The World", Andersen Vega.
The audience lets their voices be heard with an uneven chorus of cheers and boos, the latter being the more dominant, as Andersen Vega walks out from behind the curtain for what could possibly be the first of three times tonight, as he's set to take on former Precision European Champion and General Manager, Ryan Blake, in what will undoubtedly be a very physical contest, and also, should he win his war with Blake, he would have his long overdue opportunity at the World Championship inside an Elimination Chamber match in this evening's main event. Andersen Vega looks as focused as ever, making an emphatic B-line for the squared circle. He walks around the ring and towards the timekeeper's area, grabs a microphone and rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Vega walks around the ring for a collective number of moments, soaking in the cheers and boos and taking a deep breath before raising the microphone to his mouth.

Andersen Vega: "Ya know, for the first time in a long time I had the satisfaction of feeling that. That reaction, the positive and negative was once the one thing that gave me the motivation to walk out here every single night and put on the best performance that I could muster from this beat up corpse of mine."

Again, a mixed reaction is garnered from members of the audience.

Andersen Vega: "Over the past few months my motivation has been severely lacking and so I found myself searching for a fire to light me up. You guys just did that. I know that I've spouted my disdain for you people on several an occasion here and I'm not some bullshitter that'll spout lies just to get a reaction, because I meant it and to a certain extent, I still feel the same way because I felt and I feel like I was there for you for so long, to fight the battles that you wanted me to fight and then when I had a battle that I needed you guys to get me through, I felt like you weren't there."

A light chorus of boos resonate from some probably drunk members of the audience.

Andersen Vega: "I've lived the past year in hatred and depression and quite frankly it's sucking out the enjoyment and the passion to do anything and quite frankly I'm sick of it, because I don't want to be that way no more so from the bottom of my black heart, I'm sorry... And I forgive you."

A round of applause and light sounds of cheers can be heard resonating from the audience, which give Vega a small but heartwarming smile.

Andersen Vega: "Now, I need to address something else because I've been here a long damn time. I signed my name to the dotted line in Sony Storm on the 28th of August 2014 and walking into that locker room for the first time and seeing faces like Christian Chaos, Cornelius Matthews, Jack Ambrose, Mike Thunder, Noah Styles, JD Grayson, Ian Jaxs, the legendary Cris Cali..."

Vega chuckles at that last name before continuing.

Andersen Vega: "And The Scat."

A loud pop is garnered for one of the greatest competitors to ever step foot in this place.

Andersen Vega: "It was certainly incredible because I knew that I was walking into the greatest locker room of talent in professional wrestling history and to be apart of it was undoubtedly the biggest honour that has ever been bestowed onto me, and I'm eternally grateful that those guys were able to accept me as part of their family... Even if it took them a while, haha!... But, I've been in the unfortunate position for so long of seeing the greatest era in professional wrestling history come to an end. All of those names that I've just mentioned, bar two, have all moved on from this business, whether it's been a lack of passion, injury or just feeling like they could do no more for the business. I now find myself in a locker room with some of the best in the world, and doing this for as long as I have, I've found it difficult to keep up with them. I'd lost everything that once made me believe that I was the "King Of The World" and I'd come to the mindset that I was no-where near as good as I thought myself to be for so long... And I fucking hate that mindset because hearing your reaction as my music hit lit a fire back into me and now I know for an absolute fact that I am the best! There isn't a man, woman or child in this world that is as good as I am at what I do and I'm tired of everyone and myself saying otherwise because they know, and I know that saying otherwise is a fucking travesty! And tonight, I'm going to prove to everyone! To everybody who dared to doubt me and to prove that what I've said all these years wasn't a lie! Ladies And Gentlemen! I am Andersen Vega! King Of The World and The God Amongst Men!

Andersen Vega, in managing to amp himself up has also managed to motivate the audience as they begin to chant "Vega! Vega! Vega!".

Andersen Vega: "Tonight, I represent Sony Storm! Not Precision! I represent the guys that made Sony Storm the single greatest wrestling show of all time! As much as I hate The Scat, I respect him even more and I promise you that I will not go out like him! I've wanted to be World Champion for so long and tonight, I live that dream! Ryan Blake, Robert, The Blade, Noah Styles, Buster Gates and Will Neilson! You're all standing in between me and my destiny and for that I will run through you all and claim what has been rightfully mine for over 2 years! Tonight, I go to war! Not once, but twice! And like The Charge Of The Light Brigade I face impossible odds! But with a cannon to the right of me! A cannon to the left of me! And a cannon in front of me! I will draw my sword and charge! But unlike the Light Brigade! I will cut my adversaries down! My charge will not be in vein! Tonight! I will go through hell! And I will reemerge the Undisputed! Heavyweight! Champion! Of The World!

And with that, Andersen Vega drops his microphone and his music hit. With the fans on their feet, and determination in Vega's eyes, the Pre-Show cuts to a commercial break.

Quite possibly my last promo this year so I tried my best.

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